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There are only a few days left until the annual International Law Enforcement Education and Trainers Association (ILEETA) for 2019. This year is featuring speakers from VirTra’s in house experts and new V-VICTA training available exclusively for Law Enforcement training. See below for all the latest details:

Experts in Action

In addition to a booth at ILEETA, VirTra has two training sessions with our in-house Subject Matter Experts. Each session will cover a range of topics when it comes to Simulation training. Be sure to save time in your schedule for both of our sessions happening throughout the event at various time slots to allow you to get the most out of these training sessions:

Monday, March 18th at 10-11: 45 am and again on Tuesday the 19th at 8-9:45 am: “Fusing Classroom and Mixed Reality Training” presented by Tony Montanarella. This session will cover an in-depth look at how to ensure your team is using an innovative method for combining the classroom and mixed reality environments for effective and impactful training.

Monday, March 18th at 10-11: 45 am and again on Wednesday the 20th at 1-2:45 pm: “Simulated Event Training- How to Train the Elephant” presented by Lon Bartel. This session discusses at length how to help train the unconscious mind to better react under pressure. This holistic method, which encompasses digital simulation and force on force training, holds a significant impact for trainers. Training time is a scarce resource in Law Enforcement and must be effectively utilized. This course discusses maximizing the use of training time is critical to the successful outcome of our students in law enforcement contacts.

Check Out V-VICTA™ at Booth #447:

VirTra launched V-VICTA as a way to provide certified training curriculum and interactive coursework to our customers while keeping up with the newest topics. These crucial law enforcement training areas include Injured Officer Handgun Manipulation, Human Factors in Force Encounters and most recently High-Risk Vehicle Stops. All of these are included within V-VICTA and provide specific law enforcement training that was curated with the help of each of our partners who shared their expertise to ensure our curriculum met their strict standards. Be sure to stop by our booth #447 at Union Station Midway in St. Louis, MO to get the full scoop on the latest from VirTra and some takeaways to help you with your team.

We look forward to seeing you there at ILEETA 2019, be sure to schedule a demo with VirTra and attend the training sessions throughout the week.

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