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TEMPE, AZ – September 07, 2010 – VirTra Systems, Inc. Don Andrus, VirTra Systems’ President and COO (OTC:VTSI.PK), today announced the sale of a fourth firearm simulator (VirTra 300 LE) to the Institute of Technology (Redding, California campus). The Institute of Technology is one of the country’s premier institutions, which provides exceptional career education at multiple campuses throughout California.

This is the Institute of Technology’s fourth use-of-force simulator order in 2010. The Institute of Technology continues to develop one of the world’s premier training programs by adding an additional VirTra 300 LE use-of-force simulator to their already impressive campus. The VirTra 300 LE is the only 5-screen, 300-degree simulator with seamless video available in the marketplace today. No other simulator can fully immerse a student into such a real world environment. The concept behind the VirTra 300 LE is that threats can come from any direction and no single screen system can achieve such realism – rarely do threats come from directly in front of you.

The Institute’s newest VirTra 300 LE simulator comes equipped with an elevated deck and HD sound effects for complete auditory immersion. This fully immersive five-screen, ultra-realistic law enforcement use-of-force simulator, is also equipped with recoil kits, return fire simulation (Threat-Fire™ II) devices, multiple tetherless firearm recoil kits, a full Axon® TASER® package, firearm refill and recharge stations, M16 rifle kits with Smart Magazines and many other advanced options for optimal training.

“We’re committed to providing our students the most realistic career experiences possible, and the VirTra 300 LE is the absolute best we can do to ready our students for real world use of force scenarios.  Our instructors and students, as well as the local law enforcement community are extremely excited to put this technology to use,” said Jim Herberger, IOT-Redding Campus President.

Don Andrus, President and COO of VirTra Systems said, “The Institute of Technology has one of the most progressive approaches to preparing students for what they will someday face in the real world. Not many programs can match this approach with its equipment or its processes. This concept will save lives and by choosing VirTra, their program is showing its commitment to providing students with the absolute best preparation technology”.

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