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Phoenix-Based Training Simulator and Milwaukee-Based Conflict Response Training Companies Join Forces in Milwaukee, WI From June 9th to the 12th

TEMPE, Ariz. — June 10, 2019 — VirTra, Inc. (NASDAQ: VTSI) (“VirTra”), a global provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets, is exhibiting at the upcoming IADLEST 2019 annual conference, which is being held June 9-12, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI at the Pfister Hotel.

The IADLEST (International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training) conference focuses on the most critical issues for law enforcement training executives, managers and staff and showcases these parties’ mutual commitment to improving law enforcement training standards. The issues highlighted include bridging the gaps among training, performance and certification standards.

VirTra, alongside its new partner Vistelar, will debut newly-created non-escalation, de-escalation, and crisis intervention training scenarios, which are focused on improving officer and citizen safety. This new communication training uses simulators to more effectively teach police officers how to prevent conflict and calm situations that have the potential to escalate.

Depending on the way the situation is handled, the scenario can end peacefully or escalate, in which case, the trainee may be required to de-escalate the situation with less-than-lethal use of force. The Department of Justice defines “de-escalation” as “the strategic slowing down of an incident in a manner that allows officers more time, distance, space and tactical flexibility during dynamic situations on the street.” With the help of Vistelar, this new training will provide officers an opportunity to build the appropriate communication skills and patience required as they wait for backup to arrive.

“One of our strategies to advance our scenarios and coursework has been to partner with industry experts and leverage their knowledge and skillsets to bring the quality of our training to the next level,” said Jason Mulcahy, General Manager, VirTra. “By partnering with Vistelar, we’re able to deliver conflict-response training based on the methodologies outlined in several books and manuals in Vistelar’s Conflict in Conflict series, which have been proven in real-world environments for over thirty years. With these enhancements, the V-VICTA curriculum continues to set the industry standard for providing agencies with the certified training programs they need with advanced, interactive, simulation tools.”

Gary Klugiewicz, a founder of Vistelar, commented: “We are excited about this partnership with VirTra because the use of their systems will enable us to take Vistelar’s live training programs, with our emphasis on ‘fire drills versus fire talks,’ to a whole new level. VirTra is known in the industry for creating the highest quality simulation products for use-of-force and de-escalation training. We believe their systems are a perfect complement to our mission, and we look forward to the mutual benefits our organizations will receive as we work in tandem.”

During the conference, VirTra will showcase its V-VICTA training scenarios, which are the only IADLEST Certified Curriculum available with simulation training. V-VICTA has over 30 hours of new certified training curriculum that comes with each law enforcement simulator that VirTra delivers. Randy Revling, a Vistelar consultant, will also be giving a presentation titled, “Combatting Violence Against Law Enforcement” on June 10th at 3:30 PM Central Time at the conference. Be sure to stop by booth #3 for a brief demo of this cutting edge non-escalation and de-escalation training for the law enforcement industry.

IADLEST is an association of standards and training managers and leaders. Its primary focus is criminal justice standards and training. To the extent that the focus and the values promoted thereby can be furthered and shared, all training professionals are welcome as members. The mission of IADLEST is to research, develop, and share information, ideas and innovations which assist states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers, and, in those states where dual responsibility exists, correctional personnel.

About VirTra
VirTra (NASDAQ: VTSI) is a global provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets. The company’s patented technologies, software, and scenarios provide intense training for de-escalation, judgmental use-of-force, marksmanship and related training that mimics real-world situations. VirTra’s mission is to save and improve lives worldwide through practical and highly-effective virtual reality and simulator technology. Learn more about the company at

About Vistelar
Vistelar is a global training and consulting institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction was managed. Vistelar provides its training via speaking engagements, workshops, and instructor schools using both live and online methods of instruction – and, now, with its partnership with VirTra, simulator training. Learn more about the company at


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