Posted on Jan. 22, 2018 by VirTra Inc

VirTra and Haley Strategic Partners are bringing their innovative training partnership to Las Vegas next week at the 2018 SHOT Show, the world’s largest tradeshow for the shooting, hunting and firearms industries. The event offers specialized training courses for law enforcement as part of its Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP). This year’s curriculum focuses in part on the application of technology and training methods. On Tuesday, January 23, renowned trainer Travis Haley will lead a session on “Peak Performance”, an engaging, high-energy presentation of firearms training techniques for law enforcement that will show officers strategic techniques that enable them to function at their highest levels.

During the 60-minute session, Travis will delve into the cognitive principles connecting mind and body that have been a staple of training for world-class athletes. And, he’ll discuss how Haley Strategic has adapted these techniques to enable law enforcement to react faster and make better decisions in the high-stress situations that they face every day. The class is also an introduction into the joint program developed by VirTra and Haley Strategic called “D7 Powered by Virtra,” which offers individualized firearms training for use of force, high stress, and tactical engagements.

The D7 program was first unveiled in November 2017 at an event at Haley Strategic headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The new program represents the aggressive approach that the two companies are taking to incorporate more science and data analysis into training for law enforcement. VirTra’s V-300 and V-ST PRO systems are the foundation of the D7 Powered by VirTra program. The immersive technology can recreate 200 different lifelike law enforcement scenario simulations that combine the latest technology with sophisticated training concepts. The program takes into account an individual’s personality traits and tendencies in high-stress situations and teaches each trainee how to refocus for peak performance, particularly in use of force situations.

Session attendees will leave with a much better understanding of how VirTra’s cutting-edge simulator technology enables the efficient application of Haley Strategic’s decision-based training concepts, and how data analysis, biomechanics and other scientific principles applied in VirTra scenarios offer a superior learning experience. Advanced training programs like D7 Powered by VirTra mirror what law enforcement actually encounters on a daily basis, and can best prepare officers physically and mentally to recognize threats, handle stress, de-escalate, and, if necessary, use lethal force in a manner that complies with their departmental guidelines.  VirTra and Haley Strategic look forward to seeing you next week at the SHOT Show!

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