Posted on Jun. 26, 2013 by VirTra Inc

VirTra and Fairfield PD / Vallejo PD is presenting a FREE Regional Training Demo to showcase the world’s only five screen, 300-degree fully immersive training simulator – the V-300™. The V-300™ LE is the highest standard for law enforcement force options and firearms training. The judgmental use-of-force scenarios are so real, you’ll actually believe you’re in the action. Five screens and a 300-degree fully immersive training platform ensures each minute in the simulator translates into real-world skills.

Demo Location

Fairfield PD – Art Koch Range & Training Facility
1717 Rex Clift Ln
Fairfield, CA 94533

Call Scott Holt at 480.968.1488 x 5064 to schedule your appointment today!

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