Posted on Jun. 2, 2020 by VirTra Inc

There is a good chance you have heard the phrase “Vi Victa Vis,” which is Latin for “force overcome by force.” VirTra implemented this phrase and ideology in our V-VICTA® curriculum, giving this program a powerful connotation to match its powerful training abilities.

V-VICTA’s New Law Enforcement Training Curriculum

V-VICTA—Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy—is a set of curricula on a crucial training topic. For example, some of VirTra’s newly released V-VICTA topics are: Active Threat/Active Killer, Autism Awareness, Contact and Cover, Human Factors in Force Encounters, TASER® Targeting and Tourniquet Application Under Threat.

Instructors can utilize V-VICTA’s PowerPoints, tests, booklets and other materials to teach the concept in a classroom setting. After, trainees can put the concept into practice by engaging in the corresponding training scenario on the agency simulator. Teaching in this manner is designed to increase skill mastery and move information into long-term memory. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

V-VICTA’s Police Training Course Creation

For specialized topics, VirTra partners with nationally-recognized organizations in their respective industries. This ensures the most applicable knowledge and information is applied to both the curriculum and scenario, providing officers with the best training possible. After all, who better to teach than the experts?

As an example, you may have heard of VirTra’s partnership with the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) after VirTra launched the new Autism Awareness V-VICTA curriculum. It was through their efforts, research and insight that the program was such a benefit for officers nationwide.

VirTra’s other partners include: the Force Science Institute, VISTELAR, Haley Strategic and the National Sheriffs Association. Having multiple partners across a variety of fields provides the best amount of exposure and expertise that translates into our training content.

Certified Law Enforcement Training Curriculum

Each V-VICTA curriculum is IADLEST-certified. This certification significantly benefits our customers because the IADLEST National Certification Program™ for POST Certification sets the standard for curriculum certifications across 36 states.

In order to achieve the certification, all V-VICTA materials are critically reviewed by IADLEST members and pass the rigors of their independent review process. By providing agencies with certified materials, instructors save time and money from creating their own coursework. Take a moment and think back: how long do you slave over new curriculum just to create a one-hour course?

If your answer was above 60 hours, you are following the average. More specifically, 1 hour of curriculum takes an average of 65 hours to research, prepare and gain approvals. With V-VICTA currently providing 60 hours of certified coursework, this saves departments approximately 3,900 man-hours. Imagine all of the training, developing or analyzing that can be done in the time you saved from creating curriculum!

V-VI™ Virtual Instructor Police Training

The V-VI™—Virtual Instructor—is an easy new resource that teaches instructors how to operate a scenario and maximize learning. With a click of the mouse, a VirTra instructor will appear on the simulator screen or audible and walk through the corresponding scenario, all while pointing out key elements and training points. These helpful train-the-trainer scenarios help instructors consolidate training pain points and instill confidence in knowing your trainee’s needs are met and consistent year over year.

V-VICTA is a program designed to help officers keep ahead of the curve and their skills sharp. For more information on V-VICTA training topics or integrating it into your training, contact a VirTra specialist.

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