Posted on Oct. 4, 2018 by VirTra Inc

The newly introduced V-VICTA® (VirTra – Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy) is already making an impact for law enforcement training. VirTra has partnered with nationally recognized partners in their respected industries on the new law enforcement training curriculum and new scenarios to include experts like Haley Strategic, National Sheriffs’ Association, National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse (NLECAA), Office of the Utah Attorney General, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) Trijicon, and Vistelar just to name a few. We are proud to have these respected partners help develop the curriculum to adapt to what is needed by officers everywhere.

VirTra is ensuring integration of what leading science has discovered about Simulation and adult learning and woven it into all of our material, which maximizes the effects of training time and increased abilities. We strive to ensure that Peace Officers have the best opportunity to train and serve their communities better.

VirTra has taken the science behind teaching and training psychomotor skills and integrated it into a comprehensive and full solution training curriculum. These law enforcement training courses provide a complete solution and integrate the classroom, the simulator, and testing to ensure the best efforts in the long-term, to achieve consistent performance from the students.

Before having V-VICTA, our customers have stated that it took them anywhere from 25 hours to a full 40 hours to create just ONE hour of curriculum for their department. Now they have 20+ hours of curriculum ready for use. Here are what some of our amazing partners are saying about the how our newest law enforcement training tool is elevating their training methods to teach, train, test, and sustain their team for years to come:

“Our collaboration with VirTra enables students — outside the classroom — to do “fire drills” using our tactics in real-world simulations of verbal conflict.”
– Vistelar

“This innovative program provides a methodology to assist agencies in the initial training on the use of a Red Dot Optic, and also to facilitate the ongoing maintenance of the skills by allowing for structured performance enhancing “boosters.”
– Trijicon

“This course will give them much-needed tools to recognize and address possible conflict with dogs instead of simply shooting an animal.”
– National Sheriff’s Association

“The new scenarios were created with a breadth of training and educational options seen in the multiple branches. VirTra curriculum developers worked with us to create a platform for effectively teaching constitutional policing principles.”
– Ken Wallentine Special Agent, Utah Attorney General

V-VICTA comes included with your law enforcement system and provides a whole new level of training to help your trainers think outside the simulator and keep your team prepared for the unexpected.  Even better, this is only the first volume to be released, and many more curriculum on crucial areas of training are still to come. Contact us to learn more about how you can add V-VICTA to your training curriculum.

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