Posted on Mar. 28, 2023 by Niki Nelson

Almost every country has some type of uniformed law enforcement. Where there are police, there are training protocols that are followed to ensure their success and safety. VirTra does not limit law enforcement training to only one region – we hope to help officers and their communities with worldwide simulator training solutions.

VirTra is currently in 40 countries around the world, spanning from regions in North America all the way to Asia. Naturally, every country has different laws and areas of focus. What may be a common crime in the United States might not be somewhere else. Part of having clients around the world is ensuring we have the flexibility to alter content and tools to meet another region’s training needs.


Different Countries, Different Training Tactics

What may be the norm for officers in the U.S. could be totally different in another country. Force options vary greatly around the world – not every officer has a TASER®, and the type of firearm used could be different. There are also significantly different training requirements in place to actually become a police officer.

One interesting example is our client in Norway. To be a member of the Norwegian Police Force, a student must spend three years in the academy. Keep in mind that Norway’s population is smaller than the U.S. and they experience less violent crime. It is rare for an officer involved shooting to take place, but when it does, officers in Norway want to be prepared. In the U.S., despite a larger population, some states require the same amount of training as a barber.

A recent article allowed the Norwegian Police Force to share how they use VirTra to train. Like many agencies around the world, Norwegian Police practice de-escalation skills. They also practice firearm training in the event it is necessary and justified.


Training Servicemembers Worldwide

Military personnel worldwide have utilized simulation training in various ways. Though protocol, weaponry, and laws differ in different countries (similarly to the way law enforcement differs), the need to be well trained is a global necessity.

Military in Edomex – the State of Mexico – finds VirTra’s scenarios to be useful in preparing for real-life situations. Whether it is an active shooter in a classroom or movie theater or a subject barricading themselves in a convenience store, military at the training facility in Santa Lucía aims for a realistic experience. Servicemembers enter their V-300® in their uniforms and vests as if they were responding to a true incident.

According to an article, Edomex military servicemembers attend a two-week workshop that includes simulator training. After learning theories in the classroom, the simulator provides a hands-on approach. Servicemembers are then moved to practice live fire.


It is a great honor for VirTra to be able to serve law enforcement personnel all around the globe. Not only is it good to know our training is trusted, but staff at VirTra have learned a lot from working with a diverse group of officers to provide worldwide simulator training. If you are from a law enforcement agency outside the United States, feel free to contact a product specialist to tailor a solution to fit your needs.



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