Posted on Jan. 22, 2019 by VirTra Inc

Today marks the start of the 2019 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV. This show is one of the largest trade shows for firearms and law enforcement with an estimated 58,000 people in attendance at this unique gathering of professionals. VirTra is featuring our newest products and newly released content for our firearms training simulator. So, what can you expect to see at our booth this year?

V-VICTA: VirTra recently launched V-VICTA as a way to provide certified training curriculum to our customers while keeping up with the newest topics. These crucial law enforcement training areas include Contact and Cover, Injured Officer Handgun Manipulation, and most recently High-Risk Vehicle Stop. All of these are included within V-VICTA and provide specific law enforcement training that each of our partners shared their expertise to ensure our curriculum met their strict standards.

Haley Strategic 6-Plate Challenge: This year at Shot Show VirTra is featuring our Haley Strategic 6-Plate Challenge where you can test your skills for the fastest time in our V-ST Pro Training Simulator. The fastest time will win a FREE D7 Course provided by our partners at Haley Strategic. Be sure to stop by the Marco Polo room each day to test your skills. Can you beat the best time to hit all six plates in a row?? See here for more details on the rules.

New Pistols and Rifle Kits:  VirTra is always pushing the envelope when it comes to training with the latest pistols and rifles kits for our training systems. This year we are debuting several new pistols and rifles that are newly tested and compatible with our training system and patented technology. Be sure to stop by the booth #8211 for a complete list and testing out your new favorite.

We look forward to seeing you there at Shot Show 2019, be sure to schedule a demo with VirTra here.

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