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Police officers today have a wide range of crime-fighting tools available to them beyond just their service weapons as they perform their duties on the streets. They also have access to less lethal options, such as Axon® TASER®, kinetic energy rounds and OC or pepper spray, giving them additional choices when dealing with suspects in tense situations.

VirTra OC Spray Training

Yet to be ready to use those additional tools at a moment’s notice, officers need to regularly and safely practice operating them when dealing with criminal suspects and real-time crimes. That’s where the kinetic energy rounds, TASER and OC spray accessories available for VirTra’s use of force training simulators can be brought in to help officers better train for incidents when they will need to use de-escalation techniques and non-lethal force to control and subdue a suspect.

VirTra’s 12 gauge/37mm/40mm kinetic energy round accessories uses a laser within the simulator to represent these direct fire options. These dynamic training tools allow for higher stress, repetitive, skill building on these vital longer range less lethal options.

VirTra’s TASER accessory is modified to use a laser that “fires” at the display screens of the training simulator, rather than standard TASER stun equipment that strikes and disables suspects when they are shot. By allowing officers to use the same kinds of Taser devices in training that they will use on the street, it ensures they get and maintain real-world experience in operating the non-lethal devices so they are ready if they are needed.

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VirTra offers a wide array of training accessories ranging from OC spray, taser to low light training, giving officers the most realistic training they can receive.

The VirTra OC Spray accessory is a realistic-looking OC spray canister that is also modified to fire a laser rather than actual gas, giving officers the ability to train with the non-lethal crime-fighting tool while immersed in a training scenario on a VirTra use of force simulator.

The lasers in all products interact in real-time with the scenario videos being shown in the VirTra simulators, giving police officers the most realistic training they can receive. The suspects in the real videos featured in the simulators are affected by and react immediately to the officer’s use of the kinetic energy rounds, TASER or OC spray as part of the simulations.

By providing these training tools, officers get positive experiences in operating them to build their confidence and help them replicate their real-world, on-the-street use as closely as possible.

Several other accessories are also available for use with the simulators, including a low-light package that includes two special flashlights and other hardware and software which allows officers to simulate operations in low-light situations. The low-light option exposes the officers to the proper use of the flashlight and their weapon in such situations and teaches how to determine proper threat and target identification.

A specialty “breach door” accessory allows officers to practice how to break through a door when responding in an emergency. The device, which is specially designed to be re-useable for repeated entry by officers in training for close quarters battle (CQB) or room-clearing operations, gives officers experience with movements that are often not provided in standard training exercises. Officers can train in how to properly enter a room with their partner after breaching the door – when they still don’t know what is on the other side – enabling trainees to simulate this high-stress situation.

VirTra System Upgrades

In addition, VirTra offers other system upgrades that can enhance the use of its simulators. One upgrade is a 16-inch raised training platform for the simulator that brings officers up to the level of the display screens used by the systems, as well as an optional sound system that includes an amplifier and transducers to let officers “feel” the sounds they are hearing as they train. Also available are borderless display screens to make the videos seen by the officers even clearer and larger, eliminating a 5-inch black border between each screen in the standard versions. A touch-screen display option is also available for the computer system which is operated by an instructor to run the VirTra use of force training simulator.

All of these accessories and options are available in addition to VirTra’s patented Threat-Fire® Return Fire Simulator, which is a wireless, battery-operated electronic accessory that clips on an officer’s waist on a belt or clothing and can be used by a training instructor to add real-time threat and return fire simulation to an officer’s training experience.

Law Enforcement Use of Force Training

The patented VirTra Threat-Fire brings the ultimate in realism to law enforcement use of force training by adding the simulated – but noticeable – “consequences” of a suspect attacking an officer. The Threat-Fire jolts the trainee officer with an ultra-low-dose of an electrical charge to replicate the sensation of being assaulted during a high-stress situation on the street. The device safely simulates the pain of hostile attack using an electric stun, which can be adjusted in duration to up to 2.5 seconds.

The activation of the Threat-Fire Simulator is made even more effective because an officer undergoing use of force training in the V-300 or other VirTra use of force simulators doesn’t know when it will be activated by the training instructor. By randomly adding this consequence to the video training, officers can practice de-escalation techniques as well as the use of non-lethal weapons as they react to situations from domestic disputes to hostage use of force scenarios and more.

V-300® Use of Force Training Simulator

VirTra’s judgmental use of force training systems, such as its five-screen V-300 simulator, provide police officers with video-enhanced, real-world training scenarios that mirror situations officers experience on the street regularly in their jobs. The V-300 allows police officers to be surrounded by 300 degrees of realistic video simulations which allow them to become enmeshed in the crime incident scenarios unfolding around them. VirTra also offers a full line of other simulators in three-screen and single-screen configurations for every training requirement.

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