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Earlier this year a police captain, much like yourself, needed to compare several options to get some new use of force training set up for his team. The first option gave him an okay law enforcement training system for one hot button topic, and the other had a cheap price but lacked the quality that he was hoping to get. Then there was a third simulator option that gave him a way to have BOTH the quality training his team needed and a reasonable price that he could predict for the entire year’s budget. It also didn’t hurt that great quality training was also certified by IADLEST to help his team stay out of the press for “failure to train.” Now, this might sound like hogwash, but this really happened, and now that entire agency is getting the training they need, with the quality they deserve at a price that won’t slow them down.

How did they do it?

Before now, this option would not have been available, but with the help of the S.T.E.P. Program from VirTra, this crazy notion is now a reality. With the introduction of VirTra’s Subscription Training & Equipment Partnership (S.T.E.P.)their training department now has access to the right combination of training they need to perform under pressure in the field. After starting a partnership with VirTra for their training, one police captain said:

“The S.T.E.P. program allows departments to rent the VirTra system on an annual basis, which is perfect for government entities due to our yearly budget cycles. We never know exactly what our budget lines will be from year to year, so it’s very difficult to commit to multi-year or large scale purchases.”

-Capt. Jody Hayes West Des Moines Iowa Police Dept.

This new approach to training is paving the way to elevate law enforcement training to an entirely new level of expectation. To help make the transition easy, VirTra has outlined our new subscription option to be as easy as one, two, three. Here is more information on how you can take advantage today:

STEP 1: Agree to partner and select your subscription

S.T.E.P. is available on a subscription basis designed to fit your budget best. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. There are also customization programs that work for any law enforcement agencies budget. *Guaranteed.

STEP 2: Customize your training package

S.T.E.P. allows you to customize your package to fit your training needs and your budget. Choose from our complete library of options with the equipment, training solutions and tools that help you team best:

  • V-VICTA™ certified curriculum (Law Enforcement only) which provides IADLEST-certified coursework that accompanies scenarios
  • Immersive training simulators like the V-300®, V-180®, V-ST® or portable single screen V-100®
  • Patented stress inducing Threat-Fire® training tool
  • Hundreds of training scenarios, skill drills, and courses of fire all with branching option
  • V-Marksmanship™ which provides advanced skill drills training
  • Patented and highly realistic drop-in recoil kits for the most widely used firearms
  • V-Author®, VirTra’s exclusive software tool that allows customers to edit, create, or author training scenarios from scratch with their own characters or scenery
  • TASER®, OC, and low-light training support for safe training any time of day

STEP 3: Begin your law enforcement agency’s simulation training program

With 25 years of experience under our belts, VirTra has created a program that can withstand the rigors of high-training usage. S.T.E.P. customers also have access to the industry’s largest and best trained support staff whose mission is to keep your training program operating at its prime.

This new subscription option is designed to let your agency take advantage of the many benefits when utilizing simulation training. By getting more officers through training, and each of them having better retention of the training material, your team will be set up for success in the field. With renting the equipment instead, there is no reason to worry about the system degrading or becoming obsolete because VirTra takes care of the equipment and updates for the length of the partnership. The reduced capital outlay as a new way to get the approval you need versus having to wait a year or more is a key differentiator when selecting a complete solution. So, it’s really that simple to elevate your training program: agree to partner, customize, and get started. Click here to get your free assessment today, and you can take your training program a S.T.E.P. in the right direction.

* Guarantee – If your department isn’t completely satisfied within the initial 12 months of use, VirTra will cancel the contract and pick-up the equipment – no questions asked.

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