Purchasing a simulator is no small decision. It takes a considerable amount of time to select the right simulator product for your department, as well as the corresponding accessories and any necessary add-ons.

Because of all the time, money and effort put into a simulator, VirTra found a way to preserve your simulator training investment—especially when it comes to future growth.

Simulation Upgrade Path

With impending budget cuts and fewer grant options, it’s becoming harder for departments to find secure funds for training. VirTra has worked to help provide grant resources for departments and has also provided a way for agencies to upgrade their simulation training system in the future when more funding is available.

Through VirTra’s Upgrade Path, your agency can start with the V-100, a powerful, transportable single-screen simulator that can be set up in the back of a classroom. Similar to all other VirTra simulators, the V-100 teaches officers and trainees through professionally-produced scenarios, realistic situations and nationally-certified curriculum.

In the future, your department can upgrade the single screen V-100 to the three-screen V-180. Having officers immersed in 180-degrees of real-life scenarios increases the training experience without breaking the bank, as the simulator was simply upgraded rather than replaced.

Upgrading to the Best

Later, agencies can upgrade either the V-100 or V-180 directly to the most immersive, realistic simulator on the market: the V-300. The V-300 is equipped with high-quality scenarios, multi-directional sound and highest amount of physical and psychological fidelity. Instructors can maximize the training experience with the highest standard of training.

Whether your simulation upgrade journey spans over a few months or a few years, VirTra works with you to maximize your investment in simulation training. Want to get started? Contact a VirTra specialist! You can also take a quick survey on the Simulator Configurator to determine the right simulator for your agency.