When recruiting new officers onto a team, it is a priority to select candidates that have a passion to protect their community with the skillset and qualifications that it takes to do so. This means putting recruits through a proper training program that thoroughly showcases their judgement and skills. After all, good recruits make good officers and good officers make a safer community.

Adding a VirTra training simulator to any department would be a strong way to put candidates to the test to see if they have the necessary skills to complete the job. The West Jordan Police Department in Utah has found that the VirTra simulator is effective in finding the best candidates to join the force.

“As a chief, my role is to make sure that my community is safe, and I do that by making sure that first, I hire the best people I can, and the virtual reality simulator helps me do that.”

Chief Wallington – West Jordan Police Department

The Perfect Fit

With VirTra, agencies can recruit with the most powerful and immersive simulators, scenarios, and accessories worldwide.

Having a VirTra system included in the recruitment process would help departments show their community that they value what it takes to hire and train great officers. It also shows the recruits that the department is committed to making sure their officers get home safely each day.

VirTra offers a range of different sized simulators to be sure that our product will fit into any department. From our V-100®, single screen simulator to our V-300®, five-screen simulator… we have options! Depending on what a department’s specific requirements are (portability, full immersion, etc.), our simulators can suit anyone.

With our simulators, departments are able to show recruits that they could experience what it would be like to be on an active scene as an officer.

Each simulator has its own personal benefits, but each one of them is equipped with our nationally-certified curriculum, V-VICTA®. Our science-based, real-world training scenarios have an average of 85 different branching options, providing a great variety of responses to choose and learn from.

Additionally, with our drop-in recoil kits and laser cartridges, teams can deploy real weapons and utilize them in the simulator scenarios to practice de-escalation, marksmanship, and more.

Owning a VirTra system would prove to be a valuable asset to the department, that also shows recruits that they could have some fun in their potential training process. Michigan City Police Department has found that VirTra training enhances the recruitment experience in that way.

“It also makes training fun, and when officers are having fun with training, they are going to get more out of the lesson plan.”

Sergeant Mike King – Michigan City Police Department

To find out which VirTra simulator is right for your department, fill out our Simulator Configurator questionnaire and it will quickly analyze your specific requirements and suggest the best VirTra system for you!

We are Here to Help

Acquiring a virtual training system can require a good portion of funding, but there are resources available to assist departments with this. PoliceGrantsHelp is a great resource and VirTra even teamed up with them to help in providing funding for VirTra simulators!

You can access that application here.

If you have any further questions about VirTra simulations and training, contact us!