Posted on Apr. 16, 2020 by Niki Nelson

Instructors looking for options to supplement range training know to look for the most realistic, high-fidelity training solution. As such, trainers never need to look past VirTra’s products. The V-Marksmanship program—installed on every VirTra simulator—ensures the highest quality for military use, especially when paired with VirTra’s recoil kits and CO2 magazines. With a program and accessories that ensure the most realistic training possible, instructors should consider VirTra as a marksmanship training supplement.

Customizable Range Conditions

Real life is never perfect, so why should a military marksmanship simulator offer only perfect conditions? VirTra’s customizable ranges allow instructors to choose the time of day—including dawn or dusk—to challenge shooters with glare, low light and more. Instructors can also manipulate the range and choose what types of targets to use.

More than the time of day is the weather. Warfighters often find themselves firing in less-than-desirable weather conditions and VirTra’s military training simulations mimic this. Instructors can choose between rain, fog, wind and other types of weather for maximum experience and skill transfer. Wind has an effect on bullet trajectory, so VirTra incorporated a feature to alter wind speed and direction. This ensures trainees are well-prepared for any condition.



At VirTra, we are not afraid to put our equipment to the test. The V-ST PRO® ballistics have been independently verified by third-party experts to reach shooting distances out to 2,000 meters with .02 milliradians accuracy. The V-ST PRO excels in marksmanship training due to its range-like structure and ability to create six firing lanes per screen. Additionally, it provides the option to add up to five screens to train up to 30 servicemembers simultaneously.

Additionally, VirTra’s marksmanship simulations have complete perspective accuracy. A trainee may stand, crouch or lay in a prone position without having to move or tilt their weapon to meet the target.

Upon completion, military members are provided with an in-depth debrief/after-action review of their marksmanship simulation training. This allows trainees and instructors to analyze shot sequences and hit placements down to one-hundredths of a second. Instructors and warfighters can use this tool to observe performance and quickly correct mistakes, thus mitigating training scars.

Military Simulator Accessories

The ranges shown on-screen are only one portion of the high-fidelity marksmanship training offered by VirTra. The rugged recoil kits and CO2 magazines are inserted into the warfighter’s weapon to produce realistic recoil while allowing the firearm to interact with the simulator. Utilizing one’s personal firearm helps in creating a powerful, true-to-life training environment that promotes skill transfer to the field. A firearm will become simulator-ready from removing the weapon’s bolt carrier and inserting the drop-in recoil kit. If the firearm is a pistol, the kit is used as a barrel replacement.

CO2 magazines replicate the weight, size and shape of real magazines to fit perfectly inside your duty weapon. CO2 magazines allow for a long day of training with intense and realistic tools. For more information about the V-Marksmanship program or the weapon accessories, contact a VirTra specialist.

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