Five Screens of Immersion

Develop Real-World Survival Skills

VirTra’s V-300® firearms training simulator was the world’s first 300-degree law enforcement simulator that continues to advance and remains the highest standard of LE training. This intense, immersive environment takes into account every detail from the smallest pre-attack indicators to the most cognitive overload stimuli situations imaginable. This judgmental use of force and decision-making police simulator is designed to sustain officers’ skills.

Equipped with extensive branching options, each scenario unfolds depending on the trainee’s communication and actions inside the simulation. The V-300® training scenario library offers a unique spectrum of situations that run from weapon manipulation drills and marksmanship to top issues like use of force encounters—effectively eliminating any gaps in an officer’s training.

The V-300® LE is also programmed with V-VICTA® certified curriculum to increase training both inside and out of the police simulator. Whether your agency requires a complete firearms training system solution or needs to maintain critical skills, the V-300® active shooter simulator is a perfect, versatile option.

V-300® Police Simulator Scenarios

Training in Action

Showcased below are videos of actual VirTra training scenarios in our simulators. We don’t just talk about it – we show proof through videos. Watch as trainees engage in a wide variety of situations:

  • V-300 Overview

  • Active Threat, Active Killer

  • Dog Encounters

  • De-Escalation

  • Practice and Prepare


Real World Simulations

The immersive experience of the V-300® police simulator portrays true-to-life situations taken from actual events. The VirTra difference lies with the training points and corresponding lessons built into the software. Each scenario is carefully crafted by our in-house subject matter experts— based on case law and after-action reports— and is filmed on-location with professional actors. With each scenario’s extensive branching options, trainees must keep their heads on a swivel as they watch the scenario unfold based on their interactions.


Hardware is Just Hardware

The VirTra V-300® firearms training simulator is a state-of-the-art decision-making simulation and firearms training simulator. The powerful, multi-screen technology and 300-degree immersive and intense training environment ensure that time spent in the shoot don’t shoot simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

  • 5 screens, 300° judgmental use of force simulator
  • Average of 85 in-depth branching options per scenario
  • Certified V-VICTA curriculum (law enforcement only)
  • Cultivates communication
  • Decreases reaction time
  • Extensive scenario branching options
  • Induces physiological responses
  • Professionally-produced content
  • Wide variety of recoil kits available for commonly deployed firearms
  • Works with many Less Lethal options
Major Kyle Kelley Testimonial

Major Kyle Kelley

O'Fallon Police Department