Posted on Jan. 18, 2018 by VirTra Inc

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of law enforcement officers being shot to death has increased 78% in the last year. This is partially due to targeted attacks on police officers, but there is also some speculation that these officers simply do not receive adequate training for their own protection. With this in mind VirTra’s use of force simulators may be the perfect solution.

Types of Police Killings

Police officers across the country are being shot in a variety of different situations. In some cases, officers are killed during routine traffic stops. Officers are also killed during altercations with suspects, and many are killed in the process of attempting to serve warrants to those suspected of crimes. Finally, the number of ambush-style killings has skyrocketed significantly. In 2011, only five police officers were killed in an ambush. By 2014, there were 15. These numbers continue to increase, and it has become obvious that things must change in order to protect those who have sworn to protect and serve us.

How Can VirTra Help?

VirTra’s use of force training simulators can help protect policemen in various ways. Though these simulators are typically used to help officers better understand when they should be the ones using potentially deadly force, there are features that can train officers to respond, react, and deescalate situations before they turn deadly. Some of VirTra’s most important features that may prevent the shooting deaths of law enforcement officials include:

  • True-to-life virtual scenarios. VirTra’s simulators offer hundreds of different scenarios that officers may encounter in the line of duty. These scenarios are also customizable, which provides ample opportunity for training.
  • Firearms training simulation. While there is no replacing the firing range, firearms training simulation from VirTra is an excellent means of preventing shooting deaths. Officers wear special equipment that creates special effects when they are “hit” by a virtual bullet, and with repeat practice, they can learn to react to scenarios appropriately and keep themselves alive.
  • De-Escalation Training. Many times, it is possible for an officer to “talk down” a suspect before a weapon is fired. This type of training improves tactical abilities and communications skills which can save officers’, civilians’, and even suspects’ lives.

Reasons to Invest in VirTra

VirTra’s use of force simulator should be viewed as a necessary investment for law enforcement departments across the country. It is the most realistic experience an officer can have in a virtual setting, and it allows officers to experience situations that may otherwise be deadly in a safe environment. With repeated exposure to these scenarios, officers will better understand how to react and communicate when they are faced with similar situations in the line of duty.

More officers than ever are falling victim to shootings, and with that information in mind, it is vital that something is done to protect them. VirTra combines state-of-the-art technology with real-world experience to provide training unlike anything else available today.

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