Posted on Dec. 13, 2022 by Lauren Garitee

Learning how to shoot a firearm on a live course at a stationary target is one thing. However, being able to practice hitting moving targets through varying conditions and utilizing your weapon in a stressful environment is an entire step up in any form of firearm training.

Whether you are law enforcement, military, or just someone looking to sharpen their firearm skills, you have the opportunity receive high quality simulator firearm training.


D7 Disruptive Performance™

Haley Strategic’s Disruptive Performance™ course merges their firearm efficiency knowledge with VirTra’s state of the art technology simulators to create an invaluable firearm training.

With this partnered course, students receive a well-rounded, 20-hour concept and skill development experience. Haley Strategic® teaches students the scientific foundation fundamentals and the environmental challenges curriculum before they smoothly transition students into the VirTra simulator training application.

The course is filled with interactive exercises and drills including understanding Biomechanics in handgun use and draw using motion capture, utilizing stress inoculation with VirTra’s V-THREAT-FIRE®, training through use-of-force scenarios with VirTra simulators and so much more!


Benefits of Simulator Firearm Training

Having access to simulator training along with extensive firearm education provides several benefits.

Because this course was created to help better firearm skills, students are going to be shooting a good number of rounds to get their practice in. On a live range, concerns arise regarding the environmental impact of the debris, the time it would take to cleanup, and the cost of providing that amount of ammunition. Shooting on a simulator range mitigates all of those additional costs and cleanup!

With VirTra’s drop-in recoil kits, students can turn live weapons into simulation-ready weapons with realistic recoil.  Once weapons are simulation-ready, they are able to be used on the simulator ranges and scenarios where shot placement, accuracy, and more are calculated for students to learn and better from!


Get Started!

If you want to experience the VirTra simulators through the D7 Disruptive Performance Course™ with Haley Strategic, click here!

If you want to learn more about the VirTra simulators and how they help law enforcement agencies and military everyday, contact a VirTra specialist!

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