Posted on Jan. 16, 2020 by Niki Nelson

VirTra is ringing in the new year with new hardware, software, curriculum and a focus on portability at SHOT Show 2020. A frequent flyer at SHOT, VirTra will be located at Booth #8211 with yet another eye-catching firearms training simulator for police and military.

The single-screen V-100® was designed with portability in mind. The most lightweight of VirTra’s four simulators, the V-100 is affordable, durable, portable and does not require a large space. A V-100 on the new VirTra STEP monthly subscription plan starts as low as $895. Additionally, the system supports marksmanship and skill building that help make it the higher standard among single-screen firearms simulators. Combine all this with superior graphics and audio, and it’s the perfect addition to any agency’s training program.

While going through a demo at SHOT Show, you will notice the lifelike firearm you’ll be using. The reason these firearms look and feel so real is because they are. The only change is the addition of a hardened stainless-steel drop-in recoil kit and CO2 magazine for life-like recoil. This allows law enforcement and military to train using their own firearms while being safer and more cost-effective than using live ammunition at the range.

Naturally, those using a firearms training simulator will observe what is shown on screen. VirTra’s own in-house production team films and edits all of the training scenarios that come standard with any simulator. Despite being smaller than the V-300®–its five-screen counterpart–the V-100 still provides users with lifelike training, an extensive scenario library, and the ability to practice marksmanship.

New Year, New Updates

VirTra’s presence at SHOT Show is just the beginning of what is in store for 2020. VirTra will be releasing VOS 4.8®, the latest update to its operating system. These updates will bring increased immersion, physical fidelity, ease of use and aid in monitoring training. Additional IADLEST-certified curriculum is included with the update, allowing law enforcement to train for a multitude of different situations.

For additional information on VirTra’s presence at SHOT Show or any VirTra product, feel free to contact us.

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