Posted on Jun. 14, 2022 by Emily Hatch

Different instructors have different ways of training. It makes perfect sense; each department has a specific way of doing things, different topics/needs that need to be emphasized, different schedules and so forth. But what should not deviate from one department to the next is the approach to training and education.

Or in other words, instructors need to utilize a science-based approach in their classroom.

For decades, training has consisted of a mish-mash of “the way it’s always been done” with a few required updated topics thrown in. However, with the modern challenges our officers face, communities are demanding—and rightfully deserve—fully and highly trained law enforcement. This means our officers must be fully prepared to handle increasingly complex situations, and thus require a new method of education.

While revamping classroom training into a science-based approach may seem difficult, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) and its Partner Advisory Committee (IPAC) created a science-based learning digital report for instructors to read, download and implement. You can access this document here.

This PDF includes valuable articles such as “How Evidence-Based Training Developed and Evolved” from VirTra’s Lon Bartel; “How the Science of Human Performance Can Accelerate Skills Development” from W. Lewinski, Ph. D., and J. Robb, Ph. D.; and more. Readers can find studies, solutions, references and more in addition to well-rounded articles to help instructors update their training methods.

By stepping away from “the way it’s always been” and gravitating towards a science-based approach, your officers can protect their communities to the best of their abilities. Protect your officers and community with this readily-available training. Start today.

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