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As a feature of our warranty service, VirTra Systems customers can receive periodic upgrades to their firearms training simulators. The warranty service, which can include both software and hardware, ensures years of 100% up-time at no expense to the customer.

Additionally, rather than outsourcing service to a 3rd party, VirTra delivers service personally, sending Systems Installers into the field to support customers.

With a variety of products to support, our Systems Installers are frequently away from home, traveling for weeks on end ensuring customers have the latest VirTra technology. Lloyd Laney, System Installer extraordinaire, is currently out in the field on just such a trip.

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institute of technology virtra 300 warranty service

(Institute of Technology Criminology program brochure, featuring the VirTra 300 LE.)

The Institute of Technology provides students with a comprehensive educational experience in a variety of career fields. Through programs such as the Criminology & Emergency Response Management Degree Program, students are prepared for careers in local, state, and federal law enforcement, corrections, and private/public security.

To ensure that Criminology students are fully prepared for “real world” Law Enforcement situations, the Institute has placed VirTra 300 LE firearms training simulators at all five of its California campuses.

By the end of the month Lloyd will have visited all five campus locations, Citrus Heights, Clovis, Modesto, Redding and Stockton – updating simulator operating system software, conducting user training, and replacing any necessary hardware.

Thanks Systems Installers, for all your hard work.

When students from the Institute of Technology enter Law Enforcement careers, they can be sure they’ve been trained on the best firearms simulator in the world, with the latest technology.

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institute of technology virtra computers warranty service

P.S. No, that is not a slumbering employee on the job – that is a training dummy.

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