Posted on Apr. 7, 2020 by Niki Nelson

High quality law enforcement training is more than what is shown on the screens. While the video and graphics are high-quality, the screens alone do not provide the most immersive experience possible for law enforcement trainees. To create the most powerful law enforcement training environment, VirTra’s engineers and subject matter experts work tirelessly to design and perfect hardware that is then paired with the simulator. Each piece of hardware manufactured in-house is tested and designed to replicate the true feel and accuracy of the tool it represents.

Recoil Kits & CO2 Magazines

VirTra’s durable recoil kits and CO2 magazines transform officer’s duty weapons from live fire to simulation-ready in under two minutes. These kits require no permanent modification, allowing officers to practice utilizing their own weapon while saving departments money.

The kit allows the firearm to communicate with the training simulator, while the CO2 magazine provides the realistic recoil. The recoil provided is the best in the industry, providing officers with a true-to-life experience while saving money on ammunition and improving safety, as the gun foregoes blanks.

Since VirTra manufacturers recoil kits and magazine for a majority of popular on-duty weapons, police can practice using a whole arsenal, from pistols to rifles. For rifles, the recoil kits are integrated into the duty weapon by removing the bolt carrier group and replacing it with VirTra’s kit. As for pistols, the recoil kits are designed as barrel replacements.

Less-Lethal Training Options

Law Enforcement officers can practice utilizing their whole toolbelt inside VirTra’s simulators. After all, VirTra is so much more than a shoot-don’t-shoot simulator—instead, each simulator is programmed with a variety of scenarios that allow and encourage trainees to practice using Axon® TASER® and OC spray. Each less-lethal device is laser-based and equipped with an OEM form, thus replicating the size and weight of the same tools used in the field to minimize training scars.

For TASERs, VirTra’s cartridges simply drop into the existing TASER X2 or VX26P. The intelligent software allows instructors to see where the simulated probes landed, even when multiple students are using TASERs simultaneously in the simulation.

As for OC, every aspect from the size of the can to the placement of the button replicates the SABRE® MK3 OC spray. This includes the angle of the spray, which is perfectly positioned to allow training skills learned in the simulator to transfer to life in the field.

Threat-Fire® Law Enforcement Training

VirTra’s patented Threat-Fire reminds law enforcement trainees that simulation training is not a game. The Threat-Fire is a lightweight device that clips onto a trainee’s belt and is used to simulate return fire, dog bites, explosions and other consequences. This serves to elevate an officer’s heart rate and cause stress, mimicking psychological environments.

This tool is a more powerful teaching device than traditional “shoot back” devices. Other consequence devices shoot projectiles, which can cause injury, or produce vibrations or noises, which are ineffective. Instead, the Threat-Fire trains officers to continue performing even under stressful conditions, making it incredibly valuable for all training environments.

Low-Light Training

Unfortunately, many subject encounters occur in less-than-ideal times, such as at night. Instructors can incorporate the use of rail-mounted or handheld flashlights within any VirTra scenario to truly replicate real-life conditions and encourage practice in low-light environments.

VirTra offers both handheld and rail-mounted flashlights with adjustable illumination for beams of different shapes and sizes. Each light is laser-operated and projects onto the screen accurately, even when multiple trainees are using flashlights simultaneously in the same simulator. This is due to V-Lux™ technology, which allows the beam of light to transfer smoothly and accurately across the screens.

VirTra is so much more than a simulator training company. With state-of-the-art technology, realistic lethal and less lethal tools, consequence devices and more, law enforcement trainees are better prepared for the field. For more information on how you can maximize your VirTra simulator with high-tech equipment, contact a specialist today.

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