Posted on Oct. 5, 2017 by VirTra Inc

VirTra will introduce a new Acme Worldwide Enterprise weapon, and showcase the VirTra V-ST PRO™ simulator.  The new Acme 240 crew-served weapon system enables gunners to practice weapon safety, loading, clearing, safing, arming and aiming. The Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) unit is a patented, electro-mechanical system that replicates the recoil intensity of the actual weapon when firing. It’s a full-force recoil at full rate of fire for machine guns.

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The system is designed to emulate the real world as closely as possible in all areas, including ballistic fly-out of projectiles, weapon behavior, sensory feedback, environmental effects, and impact results. VirTra prides itself on the weapon system ballistic accuracy of 0.08 mil from muzzle to 1000 meters down range with the ability to add all environmental effecting round trajectory.

“Live fire shooting ranges require significant logistical requirements from movement of personnel to and from the range, range coaches, safety and medical personnel as well as transportation, security and accountability of the ammunition,” said Jason Mulcahy, General Manager and former US Army Captain at VirTra, Inc. “VirTra pays explicit attention to every detail in order to ensure extremely accurate ballistics on our V-ST PRO marksmanship training simulator.”

At last year’s AUSA event, VirTra won “booth of the year” by  US Army NCO of the Year, Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Moeller, and Soldier of the Year, Sgt. Robert Miller, U.S. Army Pacific, put the skills to the test in an active shooter scenario seen HERE.

To see these and other VirTra products, or to speak with a VirTra representative during AUSA 2017, visit booth 3617 or schedule an appointment by emailing

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