Posted on Nov. 9, 2017 by VirTra Inc

Officers and military officials never go to work each day with the intention of harming anyone. Their goal, above all else, is to protect and serve the public – to keep them safe using any means necessary. VirTra offers life-saving Use of Force Simulator Technology that can better train officers and prepare them for any many scenarios that could occur in the real world.

De-Escalate a Situation Peacefully

One of the most vital skills a police officer can possess is the ability to de-escalate what could become a dire situation without having to use force. VirTra uses de-escalation training in its use of force simulations to help officers better assess a subject’s body language and cues. With this training, officers are better equipped to respond to verbal and non-verbal cues to determine whether or not a suspect is a significant threat. This, in turn, allows these officers to make better decisions about the use of force, with the ultimate goal to save lives and avoid costly mistakes that have plagued public safety departments in recent years.

Virtual Reality Training for Judgmental Use of Force

While taking an online or paper-based test is a great way to assess a police officer’s knowledge of the scope of his or her job, it does very little to actually train these officers for the dangers they face every day while they are on the job. Judgmental use of force training simulators from VirTra use virtual reality and new technologies that immerse the officer in a realistic scenario, complete with audio and visual cues. The more an officer is exposed to this type of training, the better equipped he or she becomes to deal with those scenarios in a real-life setting. It’s much like practicing for on-the-job dangers.

Firearms Training

Firearms training is an important part of any police officer’s knowledge, and VirTra includes this in its VTSI technology, as well. The firearms use of force training simulator puts officers into a realistic setting that is far more helpful than a traditional firing range. It makes use of professionally-trained actors, CGI special effects, and scenarios created by experts on firearms and de-escalation tactics. We believe that there is no better way to train an officer to appropriately handle and, when necessary, use his or her firearm to protect and serve the public.

Real-Life Training for Real-Life Scenarios

What truly sets VirTra apart from its competitors is its technology which makes VirTra an investment to consider. To the officers participating in the virtual reality training, it almost feels as if they are in the midst of real life scenarios and being forced to make split decisions to save lives. The more often these officers can experience the variety of hundreds of predesigned and customizable scenarios, the better trained they should become to make better decisions should these scenarios play out in real life.

We believe no other simulator offers the same technology and the same customization as VirTra, and VirTra’s technology is already saving lives in cities and towns across the country.  We further believe that more and more public safety departments across the country are considering the VirTra system which should help propel future company growth. For more information on investing with VirTra, please visit our Investor Hub.

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