Posted on May. 31, 2022 by Christopher Dorch

No doubt about it: law enforcement is no easy job. Between the critical media, community issues and societal wariness of officers, there is a lot of pressure. Yet, even in this tumultuous time, these brave men and women still step up and choose to protect and serve their communities. For that, we are ever grateful. 

To help officers prepare for this job—specifically gain skills and confidence for the job—VirTra offers law enforcement training simulators with corresponding nationally-certified curriculum. After all, the best way for an officer to gain confidence is to know for a fact that they are trained to the highest level of preparedness.  

Increasing Officer Confidence 

One of the most critical components of training is the quality of the content. SMEs who understand the field and its unique challenges create each scenario and curriculum. Scenarios are then filmed with professional actors and high-quality equipment. Keeping scenarios video-based helps trainees react accordingly to subtle visual cues such as facial expressions.

In addition to the physical fidelity created by the high-resolution, real-life video scenarios, each scenario is equipped with extensive branching options. This creates psychological fidelity, as the scenario unfolds based on the officer’s actions or instructor’s preference. By utilizing this training style, it is easier for officers’ skills to be transferred to the field.

Increasing Instructor Confidence 

The need for officers to succeed can result in pressure on instructors, as it is their job to ensure officers are prepared to handle any call. To help, VirTra created the V-VICTA® program—Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy—which is comprised of nationally-certified training curriculum. VirTra works with nationally-recognized partnerships to develop each course.

It is simpler than you might think. Instructors begin by teaching the curriculum in the classroom, utilizing the slide presentation and handbooks provided. Trainees then practice these skills in a simulated scenario. Each curriculum receives the IADLEST National Certification Program™ for POST Certification, ensuring your officers only train with the best materials. 

Another way to increase instructor confidence is to increase their knowledge about simulation training. VirTra offers a 40-hour train-the-trainer course which covers best practices and concepts on training effectively and maximizing time in our simulators. Understanding the best simulation training methods results in better training which results in better-prepared officers. Instructors who complete the course will receive an Advanced VirTra Operator certification. 

To start increasing officer and instructor confidence through better training, contact a VirTra training specialist. 

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