Posted on Sep. 1, 2020 by Emily Hatch

Law enforcement’s use of force has become a major issue with the public. With the growing attention of human cases made widespread through cell phone video and social media, so has the attention of cases where officers used deadly force against dogs during dog encounters.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to read the cues a dog is giving. Officers have to determine if the animal is acting aggressive or reacting to the situation, if the dog was abused or trained to fight, or if the animal is struggling to differentiate those trying to help and those who pose as a threat.

In order to help officers better protect themselves and the dogs they may encounter, the Justice Department published the “Law Enforcement Dog Encounters Training” handbook, which can be downloaded for free.

VirTra’s Dog Encounter Training

VirTra took this dog encounter training a step further by creating a corresponding scenario-based virtual training program. Trainees and officers alike learn how to recognize aggressive signs and how to yell proper commands.

Learn more about this innovative training in The Wall Street Journal.

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