Posted on Mar. 3, 2020 by VirTra Inc

VirTra’s Training Simulators Teach Judgmental Use of Force

With an increase in active shooters and similar threats, law enforcement personnel have an increased responsibility to protect their communities. VirTra’s firearms training simulators are an excellent way to prepare for this growing problem. Each comprehensive and immersive simulation can prepare officers for the different variables associated with attacks—both common and rare.

Active Shooters in the United States: A Growing Threat

In 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recognized twenty-seven active shooter incidents across 16 states. As a result of these incidents, eighty-five people were killed—including two law enforcement officers—and another 128 people were wounded, excluding the shooters. The total number of active shooter incidents has significantly increased since 2013, which was 17 events, and 2000, which was 1 event. As the threat of active shooters and active killers becomes increasingly prevalent, law enforcement must undergo additional training to mitigate these threats.

300-Degree Views of Active Shooter Situations

VirTra presents several firearms training simulators to law enforcement as a method of increasing their reaction time and skill. With active shooters, it is imperative for first responders to evaluate their surroundings and formulate the best course of action. The V-300® firearms training simulator is the higher standard, as police learn to analyze each situation from all angles. This includes evaluating the number of bystanders, obstacles near the subject, animals and more. At VirTra, we believe the best way to train police is by immersing them in the action.

Utilizing Cutting Edge of Realistic Visuals and Audio

Recognizing and interpreting details is crucial in training. Successful law enforcement agents know how to navigate a situation without becoming distracted by excess noise. In training, attention to audio is combined with attention to visual details, primarily facial cues, stance and other forms of nonverbal communication. VirTra’s firearms training simulators immerse participants in scenarios through high-resolution video and multi-directional audio, thus mimicking reality. High-end training content translates into a more experienced team.

Heightening Realism with Return-Fire Training Tool

Each scenario can be incredibly realistic, even beyond real-world visuals and audio cues. This new level of immersion is created through Threat-Fire®, which simulates hostile actions including gunfire, explosions, run down vehicles and dog attacks. The adjustable electric impulse setting of 0.02 to 2.5 seconds is enough to add real-world consequences that greatly enhance the effectiveness of simulation training.

Learning to React and Take Control Through Simulations

VirTra’s training simulators focus on teaching proper decision-making and judgmental use of force in high-stress situations. Once law enforcement officers understand and practice basic protocols in the simulation, they are better equipped to react to, disarm and incapacitate active threats in the field.

Creating a Safer America with De-Escalation Training

As the threat of active shooters permeates society, law enforcement officials need to adjust training accordingly. The best way to alleviate public fear is by investing in training that properly prepares your department. Firearms training simulators from VirTra are instrumental in improving defenses against active shooters, thereby maximizing public and law enforcement safety. Contact VirTra to learn more about how you can improve your team’s defenses against an active threat.

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