Posted on Apr. 26, 2018 by VirTra Inc

Law Enforcement Events Being Captured

There is a very concerned societal focus on police use of force encounters. These events are increasingly being captured on law enforcement body cameras and then quickly distributed for all to see. The nature of being human makes the viewing of any type of violence hard to watch. It invokes an emotional response that is very visceral and compelling. It has created a “call to action” that has many saying that we have to do something…anything.

Evaluating Events of Law Enforcement Officers

To properly evaluate these events, they have to be looked at not only within the legal framework that ties our society together but also from the human factors that critically influence how these events play out. There are organizations like the Force Science Institute (Dr. Bill Lewinski) and researchers like Tom Hontz (deceased), Dr. Joel Suss, Dr. Roger Enoka, Christopher Heim, and David Blake that have critically looked at many of these factors. These researchers have brought to light many aspects of what we can really expect from human beings under these difficult parameters.

Use of Force Simulator Training Events

VirTra has produced a new series of use of force training simulator events called “Human Factors in Force Encounters” that takes some of this vital research to provide a dynamic and interactive experience that can demonstrate and teach these concepts. These training events are not a “scenario” as typically represented in some training simulators – they are much more. They come complete with a comprehensive curriculum to assist agencies in teaching and using the training events. They provide an immersive and gripping experience that provides an insight to citizens, police leaders/trainers, community leader, and lawmakers.

VirTra believes that these Human Factors in Force Encounters training events are pivotal for building a better understanding for all parties involved. In this spirit, VirTra is providing these training events to all existing customers that can run these events at no cost.

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