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VirTra simulations are intense, immersive, and realistic training solutions that will give officers and servicemembers the skills they need to be prepared for the unexpected. Our simulation training is meticulously crafted to ensure every scenario reflects maximum realism. All scenarios are complex and have extensive branching options so they can unfold entirely based on their decisions. In addition to reflecting real-life, this complexity also encourages maximum learning, cognitive load, and skill-building.

We put the same attention to detail into our certified curriculum and hardware. The ultimate goal is to keep officers and military servicemembers safe so they can return home every day. Every training tool and piece of content we provide is created with this in mind.

Law Enforcement Simulation Training

VirTra law enforcement simulation training prepares officers for many of the real-life incidents they’ll encounter on their watch so they and the communities they serve will be safer. Law enforcement is a very stressful profession, and decisions must be made in tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situations. 

To ensure first responders are well-trained with high quality equipment, we provide first responders with single and multi-screen simulators and mixed-reality goggles, less lethal and lethal training tools designed for simulator use, certified curriculum, and scenario authoring software.


VirTra VR Military Training

Like our law enforcement simulation training, VirTra VR military training helps members of the armed forces prepare for many of the real-life incidents they will face in the field. Marksmanship is important in real-life combat scenarios, so it’s also important in our simulations.

V-Marksmanship software allows for incredible ballistically accurate training that is unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, users have the ability to adjust environmental factors, targets, perspectives, and add qualification courses. It’s an excellent tool that all units can leverage to their benefit to develop and improve their firearm manipulation skills in a safe environment.

Other Industries

Simulation Training for Healthcare, Corrections, School Resource Officers, and SRO's

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