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Fortune Favors The Trained®

VirTra simulations are intense, immersive, and realistic training solutions that will give officers the skills they need to always be prepared and ready for the unexpected. To ensure this, our military and law enforcement simulation training is meticulously crafted to ensure every aspect of every scenario reflects maximum realism. Whether trainees are in a police firearms simulator or military threat recognition simulator, all scenarios are complex and have extensive branching options so they can unfold entirely based on their decisions. In addition to reflecting real-life, this complexity also encourages maximum learning, cognitive load, and skill-building.

We put the same attention to detail into our curriculums and tools. The ultimate goal is to keep officers safe so they can return home every day. Every training, simulation, and tool we provide is created with this in mind.

Where do you need training? Explore our law enforcement training solutions or military simulation training solutions today to see how your organization can benefit.

Law Enforcement Simulation Training

VirTra law enforcement simulation training prepares officers for many of the real-life incidents they’ll encounter on their watch so they and the communities they serve will be safer. Law enforcement is a very stressful profession, and decisions must be made in tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situations. Each simulation puts officers through these kinds of scenarios where they can learn to stay calm under pressure and make the right critical decisions. This allows for an in-depth look into human performance, and our trainings are more detailed and realistic than any other police firearms simulator.

VR Military Training

Like our law enforcement simulation training, VirTra VR military training helps members of the armed forces prepare for many of the real-life incidents they will face in the field. This helps them better protect our great country and gives them a better chance of returning home to it safely. Marksmanship is obviously very important in real-life combat scenarios, so it’s also important in our simulations. V-Marksmanship software allows for incredible ballistically accurate training that is unrivaled in the industry. It’s an excellent tool that all units can leverage to their benefit to develop and improve their firearm manipulation skills in a safe environment.


VirTra Grant Assistance Program

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  • Certified Training Curriculum

    V-VICTA™ is certified curriculum created by industry experts for LE, which accompanies the simulator to achieve training objectives faster.
  • High Fidelity Realism

    VirTra's level of detail, training points, professional actors, software, post-production, proprietary techniques and more guarantee the highest realism in the industry.
  • About VirTra

  • Priced Within Reach

    The Subscription Training & Equipment Partnership (S.T.E.P.) program reduces barriers for higher-quality training via a monthly subscription (North America only).
  • Stress Inoculation

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