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Fortune Favors The Trained™

Law enforcement and military are difficult jobs. Personnel go to work knowing their time will be filled with mitigating harm, preventing crime and interacting with people with the best—and worst—intentions. To prepare personnel for these situations, VirTra created immersive science-based training simulations designed to teach a variety of cognitive and psycho-motor skills ranging from de-escalation to judgmental use of force to situational awareness. Whether your department is interested in a new firearm training simulator or police scenario training system, VirTra provides a variety of training solutions.

The Higher Standard in Training



  • Certified Training Curriculum

    V-VICTA™ is certified curriculum created by industry experts for LE, which accompanies the simulator to achieve training objectives faster.
  • High Fidelity Realism

    VirTra's level of detail, training points, professional actors, software, post-production, proprietary techniques and more guarantee the highest realism in the industry.
  • About VirTra

  • Priced Within Reach

    The Subscription Training & Equipment Partnership (S.T.E.P.) program reduces barriers for higher-quality training via a monthly subscription (North America only).
  • Stress Inoculation

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