Many trainers utilize the common red or blue training weapons. They are useful for training drills with trainees who have never used a firearm before; helping them become familiar with the weapon’s mechanics. It also allows both convenience and safety while training within a simulated environment.

As you may already be aware, VirTra typically provides recoil kits and CO2 magazines for use within our use of force simulators. This allows law enforcement trainees to use their duty weapons in the simulator by outfitting it with our CNC machined hardware. However, there are more options than this – besides the blue-colored training pistols, VirTra offers a patented M4/M16 non-gun.

The non-gun is a highly realistic laser replica rifle that is designed for simulator use that has an orange tip to mitigate real weapons brought into the training environment. Not only does it replicate the shape and size of a real M4 or M16 rifle, but it includes necessary and customizable functions such as:

• Toggle between auto and semi-auto fire, as well as safe mode
• 30 round capacity with the ability to remove the magazine
• Attachable sight, configurable stock and Picatinny rail

Having a training weapon such as the M4/M16 non-gun ensures safety within the police training room and gives law enforcement trainees a chance to make mistakes in a safe environment. It serves its purpose as a learning tool in both interactive scenarios and marksmanship practice, working with all of VirTra’s simulators and suites.

Additionally, non-guns can be cost efficient for agencies who do not want to spend extra money refilling CO2 magazines. While recoil kits and CO2 magazines are the most realistic option, they do involve the use of a real weapon and require refilling to maintain the lifelike recoil. If your department is on a tight budget and wants the safety of knowing the training weapon cannot be used to fire real ammunition, the M4/M16 Non-Gun may be a good choice for your agency.

For more information on how to add this customizable and effective law enforcement training tool to your belt, contact a specialist.