How do you transition your officers from traditional iron sights to a pistol-mounted red dot optic? There are plenty of good training ideas—such as increased practice on the range, lectures on how the optic works, etc.—but one of the best is having your officers engage in an extensive training course.

One such course is VirTra’s nationally-certified course “Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment.” This new curriculum has 21 accompanying training drills and was created in conjunction with Victory First® utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics. Just as it sounds, this course is designed to help officers successfully transition from the traditional iron sights to a modern pistol-mounted red dot optic.

How it Works

Red Dot is one of VirTra’s V-VICTA® curriculum, and thus, follows the same structure. With this curriculum, instructors receive lecture materials, presentations, handbooks, range drills and more to teach, train, test and sustain their officers on the given material. This starts in the classroom, then leads to extensive red dot optic training either in the simulator or on the range.

Since training a new skill requires extensive practice, the Red Dot Optic course includes 21 detailed drills; everything from how many yards out the target is, time limits, rounds and repetitions, etc. VirTra includes this information so instructors can either practice it on their real-life training simulators, or on the range.

After the Course

Obviously, the point of any course is to familiarize officers with the taught skill—in this case, utilizing the pistol-mounted red dot optic—but VirTra’s courses go a few steps further. After the course is completed, officers should be able to identify advantages and disadvantages of the red dot system, identify the importance of target and threat focus instead of the focus on the front sight, and more.

To continue learning about VirTra’s “Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment” curriculum and how officers benefit from this training, please contact a VirTra specialist.

It is easy to focus on de-escalation, mental illness, or active threat training—after all, each of these topics are often front-and-center in the news and are encouraged by communities everywhere. But what about other training that rounds out both your training regimen and your officers’ skillsets? 

VirTra worked with Victory First®—a training and consulting company—to create the nationally-certified course “Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment.” This was done utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics. This course is designed to equip officers with the skills to successfully transition from traditional iron sights to a pistol-mounted red dot optic, a valuable tool for officers everywhere. 

Utilizing Red Dot Optic Training

The way VirTra designed this course, instructors can use these materials to either teach officers with little/no experience, or as a sustainment for officers already familiar with the skill. The Red Dot Optic Training curriculum comes with a pre-test, post-test, lecture materials and range drills, allowing instructors to implement and customize training based on their department’s needs.  

For example, officers new to the skill will need the whole package; tests, lecture materials and drills to learn and perfect the skill. However, officers already familiar with these materials may only need to engage in daily drills to keep skills sharp. 

Further customization comes from the drills themselves. This course comes with 21 detailed drills, including: how many yards out the target is, time limits, which targets are used, how many rounds and repetitions the trainee must engage in, and further instructions for the shooter. As such, instructors can use these drills on their VirTra training simulators, or recreate the drills with live fire on the range.  

Course Certification 

As mentioned above, VirTra’s Red Dot Optic Training is nationally-certified. This curriculum received its National Certification Program award through IADLEST, thus providing departments with 4 hours of certified training. The certification process requires thorough reviews and a rigorous independent review process, so departments know they are receiving quality training materials. 

To start implementing this curriculum into your department, and take your training to the next level, contact a VirTra training specialist 

VirTra has recently launched certified curriculum with 21 training drills in conjunction with Victory First® utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics. This coursework – “Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment” – is part of the V-VICTA® line of curriculum provided to clients. It is being officially announced and demonstrated at SHOT Show 2022.

Aimpoint is recognized as the originator of red dot sight technology and has provided military, law enforcement and commercial clients with a more accurate shooting experience. Because of the wide usage of red dot sights and how increasing numbers of law enforcement agencies are using them, VirTra wanted to work with Aimpoint to help officers practice adjusting to the use of red dot sights.

Victory First not only trains law enforcement but provides accessories and gear for officers as well as responsible firearm owners. As a retired police officer and U.S. Marine veteran, Owner Matt Jacques has used his vast knowledge to assist VirTra in writing and reviewing the curriculum and its associated training drills.

“I was truly humbled to have VirTra contact me to build out the RDS syllabus and course materials for their simulators” said Matt Jacques, owner of Victory First. “Spending time with their staff and the people who bring all of the coursework and drills to the level of realism the VirTra systems provides was an honor. The VirTra simulators offer a huge advantage for agencies to be able to provide education, supplement and maintain proficiency with their issued gear. This program will provide education on RDS handgun selection, fielding, initial training as well as sustainment training at a time when more Law Enforcement agencies adopt RDS optics on duty handguns.”

With 21 detailed training drills, the goal of the course is to allow officers to practice drawing, aiming and more with red dot sights. Law enforcement members will also be able to review the pros and cons of using a red dot sight before moving onto drills where they can test their skills. Even learning how to deal with sight failures due to damage or expired battery is something that trainees can do.

The upcoming Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment curriculum is provided for free to all VirTra customers that are on an annual service agreement. It will consist of 4 hours of curriculum and has passed rigorous review from IADLEST to receive NCP certification. It can also be seen this week until the 21st at VirTra’s SHOT Show booth – Booth #30009.

To learn more about the new curriculum and how it can be integrated into your department’s training, contact a specialist.

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