Investing in high-tech solutions to better train officers in the community is always a smart move and also a good look. Community leaders, politicians and even citizens feel better knowing that law enforcement in their town or city are being trained properly and efficiently.

Bringing in new technology such as a VirTra simulator catches attention, and this is often used to host media days or even events where public officials and leaders can learn more. Demonstrations on VirTra’s simulator not only has shown citizens, politicians and news outlets that an agency is being trained well, but due to the immersive technology, they gain a better understanding of the split-second decisions and stressful events officers must go through.

The Public Safety Training Foundation in Decatur, IL, located on the Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center campus, has three V-300® use-of-force training simulators. Two of the simulators train new recruits and are also used for community outreach, and the third is for sustained training of experienced local officers. According to Public Safety Training Foundation’s Director of Communications, Chelsey Keyes, approximately 200 non-law enforcement community members have been hosted. Even the Mayor of Decatur, Julie Moore Wolfe, has gotten a chance to participate.

“Most of us will never face the split-second decisions police are forced to make in the line of duty “said Mayor Wolfe, one of the many public figures who have gotten a VirTra demonstration through Public Safety Training Foundation. “I firmly believe all Illinois lawmakers need to experience this training as they explore police reform.”

The Public Safety Training Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated on providing training programs to law enforcement members in not just Macon County, but surrounding areas as well. As mentioned in their mission statement, The Foundation aims to “ensure that first responders are well-equipped to serve their community.” The foundation has begun to host civilian groups that sign up to experience various scenarios on the V-300. Those attending are made aware of the difficult decisions officers must make when facing a threat as well as the immense stress they cope with from these situations.

If you would like to experience an eye-opening demonstration of VirTra’s high fidelity training simulators in any region of the country, contact us.

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In this issue, Utah law enforcement leaders and trainers will discover new information about how virtual reality training and Force Science are combined to help officers prevent “choking” or physical freeze at a critical moment of performance. You will learn about the benefits of inviting local community leaders to experience first-hand an officer involved critical incident on the VirTra® virtual reality simulator. We invite agency trainers to schedule the virtual reality range to improve shooting skills from basic marksmanship to technical long gun shots.

We are grateful to the Legislature, Governor’s Office, and many other public safety partners for making the VirTra simulator available to Utah’s Law Enforcement Community. To schedule a demonstrations for community leaders or agency training session call Will Fowlke or Scott Carver at 801-281-1200.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On VirTra

By Ken Wallentine

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Michelle Kwan, 2002 Olympics, fell on the triple jump.
Greg Norman, 1996 Masters, lost his lead and handed the Masters to Nick Faldo.
Dan O’Brien, 1992 Olympic trials, shockingly missed—entirely missed—three pole vault attempts.

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Three Critical Reasons For Law Enforcement To Educate Community Leaders

By Will Fowlke

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Chiefs and sheriffs have asked the Attorney General’s VirTra Training Center to host community leaders such as mayors, city council members, county commissioners, prosecutors, and legislators to a virtual reality simulator experience.

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Law Enforcement Virtual Reality Range Days

By Chris Walden

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Since launching the VirTra program at the Utah Attorney General’s Office, I‘ve observed many agencies participate in the training. I haven’t met a trainee that didn’t enjoy the experience to some degree. The department trainers who debrief the training tell us they find value in the virtual reality scenarios that their officers experienced. Do you know that we have simulated handgun and rifle ranges available on the VirTra simulator?

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Endorsements: Simulation Training

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“I can’t encourage officers enough to attend VirTra training. It is absolutely critical… It will change the way you think. It will change the way you act and it can help save your life and the lives of others.”

Heather White, Attorney Defending Government Entities

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Watch this short fast paced video introducing you to the cutting edge high tech virtual reality training experience for your officers.

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