DENVER — After multiple NFL players began kneeling last year in protest of police brutality, various police departments extended invitations to their training exercises and academies.

When Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall began kneeling, Denver Police Chief Robert White met with him and offered Marshall a try at their training simulator, The Denver Post reported.

Marshall saw the offer as a way to take action after his protest.

At the beginning of January, Marshall tested out the VirTra V-300 simulator designed to train officers in shoot and don’t shoot scenarios, according to the publication.

Along with trying the simulator, Marshall also participated in a ride-along.

“For the 1st half of the season, I’ve been taking a knee for the National Anthem to raise awareness for social injustice and to start conversation about what all of us can do to make a positive change,” Marshall wrote in an Instagram post. “I’m encouraged with the many productive discussions and progress that has taken place as the Denver Police department has decided to review its use of force policy.”

After their meetings, White said he believes Marshall recognizes that most officers are good.

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