Did you know your VirTra system is equipped with a “Stop Time Drill”?

This drill is designed to test your officers on action, reaction and response time. Officers prepare themselves by getting into a ready stance in front of the simulator. A target will appear on screen, and the moment the target turns green (or 4 other complex stimuli), officers will shoot at it until the target turns red.

After the drill, an officer’s stats will appear, showing their individual response time. This graph lists the total number of shots fired, when the target gave the start and stop stimulus, number of shots fired after the stop, etc.

So why measure action and reaction time? This drill utilizes the science of how the brain collects, processes and uses information—as well as how the body is directed by that information. This drill is based on research published by the Force Science Institute and helps officers understand their reaction times and how this can apply in the field.

Watch this drill in action and visit our YouTube channel.

Train hard, train often and train safe with VirTra.