When training your officers, it is a priority to ensure that they receive quality de-escalation training with a curriculum that contains applicable and reliable knowledge. Creating your own curriculum is a process – it takes time, it takes money and both of those are valuable things that you would like to save! On the other hand, when looking at purchasing a curriculum, there is a chance that some courses may have not gone through a certification process that meets State and POST requirements for de-escalation training.

With all these factors to consider, you may be wondering what the right answer is. That is where VirTra’s V-VICTA® curriculum comes in. Our curriculum mitigates 60+ hours of research, prep and approvals of instructor man hours per one hour of finished curriculum. It also maximizes training session time for optimal learning and retention.


Training Certification

On top of those benefits, VirTra puts our V-VICTA courses through a rigorous approval process with IADLEST. IADLEST offers the National Certification Program (NCP) of which sets a high standard in providing quality education for law enforcement nationwide. This means that all of our courses are equipped with extensive training materials for your team to work through.

NCP certified courses are also accepted by all participating POST organizations providing a trustworthy, time and cost-effective way for your officers to earn their de-escalation training certifications.

VirTra is also the only simulator company that provides a certified curriculum for law enforcement, which is free when included with our training simulators.


Bring Your Training to Life

In our training simulators, officers can put their de-escalation certifications to practice with intensive training scenarios. Our professionally-produced scenarios include real actors simulating real-world situations. Most of the scenarios contain on average over 85 different branching options based on the officer’s actions. In the scenarios, trainees must use quick decision-making skills to de-escalate the situation to the best of their ability.

The additional scenario training adds immense value to the curriculum by allowing officers to test their classroom knowledge in a stress-inducing environment, preparing them for the real-world.


Online Training Courses

If your department does not have the current means for a VirTra simulator but still wants to experience our V-VICTA curriculum, you have another option!

VirTra partnered with other industry-leading partners to develop Certified Training Alliance (CTA). CTA is an online learning platform with certified law enforcement training courses that officers can train through at their own pace, wherever they want! Including certified courses generated from our V-VICTA curricula such as Autism Awareness, Crisis De-escalation, 10 different Mental Illness courses, and more.

You may also find courses from Force Science and Tony Blauer. It’s FREE to sign up and browse the courses online.

Click here to sign up for Certified Training Alliance!

…and if you want to learn more about VirTra’s V-VICTA curriculum, contact a VirTra specialist today!

Creating training material for 1 hour of training can take at least 82 hours (1). This only includes writing the course, not the effort of presenting or certifying material. You do not have to go through all the work that adds up to extra staffing hours and cost. The option of online learning is a smart and effective alternative. Start with Certified Training Alliance (CTA).

Designed for First Responders and Public Safety Officials, CTA is a simple-to-use, easy to access online learning system that relieves the burden of scheduling time to train and certify personnel.


VirTra’s Online Courses

Certified Training Alliance features several of VirTra’s certified coursework. These courses do not require your agency to have a simulator. If you do, however, many work in tandem with simulated scenarios. Learning online and then putting newly-acquired skills into practice in the simulator further reinforces learning.

Additionally, if you are waiting to be able to obtain a VirTra simulator, a good way to get started on coursework would be to utilize the courses in CTA. It can allow students to familiarize themselves with the topics at hand and give instructors a chance to review the material as well.

We do our best to include courses that are timely and relevant to what is important to law enforcement. These include:

  • Weapon Transitions
  • De-Escalation
  • Mental Illness
  • Autism Awareness


Benefits for Adult Learning

VirTra’s material uses iconography and imagery to ensure the user stays focused, and provide great opportunities for long-term learning. With the right amount of storytelling and video content, the goal is to keep the learner engaged and not thinking about what they are going to order for dinner instead. We are using adult learning methods to help to ensure transfer (learning long-term).

Additionally, all courses on CTA – even those not authored by VirTra – do not have the option to be skipped or sped through. Even if a user were to minimize the window, the course would simply stop – resuming when the user has the window up again. A certificate of completion will be available for download only when the course is completed and the test is passed.


How to Get Started

It’s free and simple to get started – you don’t need to pay to sign up! To see the full list of courses available by VirTra, Force Science, ILET and Tony Blauer, just create an account and scroll through!

You can utilize essential or premium courses with the ability to access them for up to a year. Premium courses are created in partnership with leading industry experts. There are also course bundles available!

To sign up, all you have to do is create an account on the website here. Courses will be added over time, so be sure to keep an eye out.



Chapman, B. (2010). How Long Does it Take to Create Learning? [Research Study]. Published by Chapman Alliance LLC. www.chapmanalliance.com

Online learning is a popular and effective way to receive education. It is a convenient and engaging way to share learning content. Online learning allows students flexibility far beyond the traditional classroom.

Certified Training Alliance (CTA) was designed by a network of industry-leading partners as a hub for public safety personnel to access numerous training courses. Leading experts have vetted each certified course to ensure maximized education and retention for adult learners.

CTA is an innovative way to train officers and provides valuable benefits to departments. It offers courses such as V-VICTA® Autism Awareness, Force Science Realistic De-Escalation, Tony Blauer: Immediate Threats, and more!



After courses are purchased, individuals have access to them for a full year. With this access, learners can work through content at their own pace and in their own time. They have the freedom to do their coursework whenever and wherever is most convenient. This frees up time for both trainers and students.



CTA includes IADLEST NCP-certified courses in order to ensure that learners receive reliable and effective training that they can bring with them into the field. As students work through and complete the CTA courses, they can earn certifications that signify that they successful course completion.

Students can immediately put newly developed skills to the test on the street or inside the VirTra simulator. VirTra’s high-quality, immersive training scenarios were designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the CTA courses for a fully immersive experience.



CTA online courses are designed for adult learners to maximize retention and engage the learner. The courses are interactive and keep officers engaged. The CTA platform stays up-to-date with the critical topics keeping officers well-trained in essential and relevant areas.

Officers can work through lessons more effectively and retain the information more successfully. This builds and transitions newly learned skills into the field with confidence.



Certified Training Alliance has several purchase options to choose from for online learning. Join for free and see what we have to offer!


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