Police-community relations is one of the most important things that an agency can develop. Having a community that trusts and feels protected by their officers can make the job be not only more rewarding but more effective.

Having an interactive partnership between agencies and the people that they serve keeps officers more informed of community happenings and thus empowers them to continue solving public safety problems.

Ways to Build a Relationship with your Community

There are many ways that agencies can get involved with their community and foster that relationship with them. Each community is unique and may have different ways for its people and its officers to come together.

Partnering with Nonprofits and Charity Organizations
  • Agencies could combine efforts with charity organizations in their area that help provide benefits to the community. This is a good way for agencies to show their involvement in bettering the community through more ways than just public safety enforcement.
Holding/ Attending Community Events
  • Sending officers to attend events hosted by the community is a beneficial way for officers to become familiar faces and for them to build personal connections with members of the community.
  • Agencies could also host events and invite the community to join them. This gives the people a chance to learn more about the agency and its officers. Police-community relations activities are also a good opportunity for the department to share their mission and their goals for public safety.
Reaching Out to Community Media
  • Departments reaching out and communicating with community media is a good way to get their mission and goals broadcasted onto radio or television. This is also a great way to get partnered with a local business and show your dedication to having relationships with local businesses.
Showcasing Department Training
  • Letting the community have a look into all that your officers do to help protect their community is a great way to build that relationship with them. Whether through a YouTube video, social media, or even an in-person event, departments can showcase their de-escalation training, police simulator training, firearm training, and more!
  • With a VirTra police simulator, your department can display their highly effective, realistic scenario training. Equipped with a nationally-certified curriculum covering a plethora of useful topics, VirTra technology is the perfect way for your community to see that your department is using a training system that is designed to help keep both them and their officers safe.

There are many ways for agencies to build a relationship with their community and VirTra is happy to be a part of your agency’s goals. To get your department started with VirTra police simulator training, contact a VirTra specialist today!