Posted on Dec. 23, 2021 by Christopher Dorch

Powerful training creates powerful officers. With a wide variety of modern, state-of-the-art training simulators on the market, it is easy to find high-tech training solutions.

But what if your department is smaller with a training budget that matches?

VirTra offers the perfect solution. Our V-100® is a single-screen training simulator that is also portable, allowing instructors to use in the classroom, at training locations, bring it to other departments or whatever else your needs may be. As the most lightweight of the simulators, the V-100 is affordable, durable and does not require large training space.

Training is much more than the type of simulator chosen. The real training stems from the quality of scenarios, branching options and visuals presented to your officers. VirTra’s complete scenario library offers a wide variety of situations—each featuring extensive branching options to allow the situation to unfold based on the officer’s actions—which are filmed with professional equipment to create the most realistic, immersive training possible.

Seeing is Believing

In addition to the visuals and scenario design are the tools officers can use while training. The V-100 is compatible with each VirTra pistol and rifle drop-in laser recoil kit, which allows officers to train using their duty firearms without permanent modification. Better yet, this portable simulator also permits training with VirTra’s toolbelt accessories, including flashlights, OC spray, Axon® TASERs® and more for the most versatile, well-rounded portable training possible.

There is a lot packed in this portable single-screen simulator, with all of it designed to teach officers while easing an instructor’s burdens. As such, it may seem too good to be true! However, VirTra is proud to prove exactly what our simulators are capable of.

Watch below as a trainee engages in a property alarm situation. Note how the trainee engages in the simulator, uses real-life tools and how his actions influence how the situation ends:

Is the single-screen V-100 training simulator something your department can benefit from? Learn more by contacting a VirTra representative or watching more example videos on our website.

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