Posted on Jul. 20, 2021 by Emily Hatch

Back in early 2019, VirTra launched the revolutionary program: STEP. The STEP program—VirTra’s Subscription Training and Equipment Partnership—is the industry’s only simulation subscription deployment plan that saves money while increasing access to better training.

The program is simple: departments first select a simulator that fits their needs. Then, instructors can customize the order with various accessories and training tools. After working with a sales specialist, the department is then set up with a monthly payment plan that is based off the equipment they ordered.

By organizing this program, VirTra found a way to save departments plenty of training money. However, the monthly installments are not the only benefit to STEP:

No Obsolete Training

The STEP program goes above and beyond to set agencies up for success. To show our dedication, all maintenance, service, support, scenarios and updates are included in the monthly STEP price. As such, VirTra ensures your officers receive comprehensive and effective training year-round with the latest technology and scenarios provided as soon as they are ready for distribution!

In addition to keeping your training program up-to-date, this keeps your training technology up-to-date. Training with obsolete, outdated equipment can create training scars while leaving room for potential lawsuits. Instead, with STEP, trainees receive the whole package: constantly updated technology and training methods for the best, well-trained officers.

Saves Money in Other Areas

In addition to saving money in a training simulator—by offering a monthly subscription instead of large, upfront capital cost—VirTra’s accessories save money in other aspects. One of the most noticeable is our recoil kit and CO2 magazine combination. The drop-in laser recoil kit allows trainees to use their personal firearms—saving cost by reducing the need for non-guns—while the CO2 magazine eliminates the need for live rounds in training.

Currently, each round of 9mm ammo costs $0.90 for civilians, yet not much cheaper for agencies. But with CO2, the cost is dramatically reduced to $0.02 per shot. Whether your officers are training in marksmanship or scenarios, every time they pull the trigger, your department saves up to a dollar. How quickly does this add up in one minute of firing, or five or ten? Then with a single trainee or half the department?

VirTra is dedicated to our customers. We understand that money may be tight, that budgets may be questioned and that funds may not be guaranteed. In order to help provide high-end training for all, the STEP program was created and improved. To learn more or to start building your customized training solution, contact a VirTra specialist.

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