Posted on Dec. 2, 2021 by Christopher Dorch

Instructors need as much freedom as possible when it comes to training. After all, they know their department’s needs better than anyone. So when it comes to training, shouldn’t instructors have the ability to craft scenarios and drills to best address these needs?

This philosophy is why VirTra designed the V-Author® program. Simply put, V-Author is an easy scenario creation program that can create virtually unlimited custom image-based scenarios, skill drills, target exercises, firearms training and more.

How V-Author Works

As with all training, instructors begin by setting the stage. In this case, instructors create the scenario’s background, either by selecting an image from the provided library or uploading a picture of their own. The ability to upload pictures is critical, as instructors can have officers train in local environments, such as where situations normally arise.

After the background is selected, the next step is to drag-and-drop pre-filmed characters into the environment. VirTra’s character library is filled with dozens of single characters, crowds, props, weapons and more—any combination of which can be used. Best of all, VirTra’s training technology takes this to the next level: characters are programmed with different behaviors and reactions, which instructors can select from or have be triggered by events initiated by the trainee.

The combined abilities of uploading new environments and using unique character combinations allows instructors to have the most customized training. The powerful training doesn’t stop here, though.

Just like all other VirTra programs, V-Author is run through VOS, allowing for extensive debrief. After the training is complete, instructors can play back the situation, scrub the timeline towards specific events and show the placement of shots fired. Should a training event be particularly insightful, instructors have the ability to save a session and playback at a different time.

V-Author is an incredibly beneficial tool to departments worldwide. This article only goes into the beginning of V-Author’s abilities—for the full breadth, contact a VirTra representative!

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