Posted on Oct. 7, 2016 by VirTra Inc

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Colorado State Patrol Troopers took part in critical incident training Friday provided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Through VirTra a 300 degree, life-size wraparound simulator troopers responded and reacted to a number of real-time scenarios they could possibly face during their law enforcement career.

“It gives you the opportunity to stop things, talk about what’s your thought process here and you get to debrief and work through these issues” said Collin Reese, CBI.

This training gives authorities a chance to hone their decision-making skills, in preparation for critical incidents.

“If I shoot steel I can see the steel fall or not fall. Here we can look at timing of his shots, we can look at how the officer positions himself, and moves and responds to the video” said Dave Copeland, CSP.

This $150,000 simulator system has been available here on the Western Slope for more than 8 years, and many local law enforcement agencies have utilized the training opportunity.

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