Posted on Feb. 2, 2011 by VirTra Inc

TEMPE, AZ – February 01, 2011 – Don Andrus, VirTra Systems’ President and COO (VTSI.PK), today announced the sale of the fifth firearms simulator to the Institute of Technology, Stockton. The Institute of Technology is one of the country’s premier institutions, which provides exceptional career education at multiple campuses throughout California.

VirTra is the only company that produces a five-screen judgmental use of force simulator with seamless video in the industry, making it far more realistic, challenging and demanding than traditional simulators – there simply is not a better level of preparation for law enforcement.

With installation and training set for February 2011, the Institute of Technology’s fifth police training simulator is one of VirTra’s world-class VirTra 300 LE simulators with a borderless screen upgrade and full HD platform sound effects for complete auditory immersion. This fully immersive five-screen, ultra-realistic law enforcement use-of-force simulator, is equipped with recoil kits, return fire simulation (Threat-Fire™) devices, multiple tetherless firearm recoil kits, a training TASER® package, firearm refill and recharge stations and many other advanced options for optimal training.

Don Andrus, President and COO of VirTra Systems said, “The Institute of Technology has an extremely progressive approach to preparing their law enforcement students for real world situations. By choosing VirTra, they are setting a higher educational standard within their markets by ensuring their students train with the absolute best training simulator available, which will save lives”.

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