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Founded in 1993, VirTra became one of the first virtual reality-based companies in the world. The focus was—and continues to be—developing and delivering the world’s finest firearms and use of force training simulation systems. The world is dangerous and it is more important than ever that our military and law enforcement are equipped to make the best decisions, with excellent marksmanship, in split-second life-and-death decisions.

VirTra is committed to providing the best, most realistic training so officers will succeed when lives are on the line. Our clients worldwide rely on these training simulation systems to increase the chances of successful missions and surviving lethal encounters.

Along with best-in-class customer service and unparalleled technology—including the 5-screen, 300-degree simulation—it is no surprise that the finest military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world have selected VirTra.

Our Mission Statements

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Develop, manufacture, and support the finest training simulation systems, accessories, and training scenarios in the world. The high quality of our products will only be surpassed by the quality of our customer experience and support.


Operate the company on a sustainable financial basis. To generate profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders and ever-expanding opportunities for career growth for our employees. Our company operates with the highest standards, from product quality to ethical business principles.


Uniquely meet the needs of our clients and always seek innovative and better solutions to add value. We also consistently consider other markets where we can substantially improve the quality and value provided to new customers.


  • Bob Ferris

    Chairman, President, Co-CEO

  • John Givens

    Director, Co-CEO

  • Alanna Boudreau

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jason Mulcahy

    Senior Vice President of Global Sales

  • Rebecca Valdez

    Senior Vice President of Human Resources

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