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Whether you’re a veteran law enforcement trainer or new to the department, training classes can be challenging to cut out time to write, create and plan out. With the help of our expert trainers, VirTra has created the new Advanced Training Certification Course (ATCC). This five-day course is designed to train the trainers and give trainers the ability to excel, improve department goals, and ensure that your training simulators and scenarios are utilized to their fullest potential. This month’s class took place here at our Headquarters to provide certified training to law enforcement agency trainers on a variety of topics including:

Simulation Science Foundations

Our ATCC course starts off the week with a certified course on Simulation Science taught by one of our four IADLEST certified instructors. This highly praised course for its teaching methods has the class packed full with an 8-hour IADLEST and POST certified class covering the reality of current training for law enforcement and the role of simulation. One unit focuses on the effectiveness of teaching with adult learning concepts, where the transfer of skills becomes an integral part of training effective law enforcement officers.

Advanced Simulator Operations Gap Analysis

This class starts with an assessment of the trainer’s skills with the VirTra simulator and progresses through the best methods and techniques to keep your simulator in peak condition. By starting with the basics such as an introduction to the weapon recoil kits and other calibration tools, the class breaks down the basics before building on those skills. Then with the use of VirTra’s advanced features, each trainer is given specific attention to gauge their current skills and show where they could be using other features of VirTra’s extensive library of scenarios and drills.

V-Marksmanship Fundamentals to Advanced Marksmanship

If practice makes perfect, then for every hour on the range, the trainees should have a perfect shooting stance. However, we know that trainers have to teach marksmanship in a variety of environmental factors. The V-marksmanship course discusses the building blocks for adding a simulation training regiment as part of your firearms training. Covering a wide selection of topics such as three points of coverage, and low light training, the trainers will then duplicate this in an exercise of their own design following this formula.

Advanced Training Techniques with V-VICTA

One of our most asked about training topics is the newly launched V-VICTA. This section of the ATCC class covers ways to incorporate 3D assets to the simulation environment to eliminate artificialities in the training immersion. With unique training on high-risk vehicle stops and contact and cover concepts, this section helps the trainers discover additional ways to incorporate new scenarios and virtual coursework certified by IADLEST in the practical application portion of the class.

V-Author Scenario Training

This section of the course wraps up with a breakdown of how to use our coveted V-Author scenario tools which provides the ability to create your own scenarios from scratch with a panoramic photo. After covering the essential function, the instructor breaks the class into groups where they get to participate in creating their customized scenario for topics such as a multi-incident or their department’s firearms qualification course. By customizing their own scenario development, trainers can drive their training techniques for local and specific training issues they may need for their agency.

This week-long course allows VirTra customers to improve on their skills as trainers and see the potential of what else they can add to their current simulation training techniques. With topics covered such as the science of simulation, all the way up to advanced marksmanship and customized V-Author scenarios. If you would like to sign up for an ATCC course coming up in August and November 2019 with VirTra to advance your training.

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