Posted on Sep. 15, 2022 by Lauren Garitee

Online learning is a popular and effective way to receive education. It is a convenient and engaging way to share learning content. Online learning allows students flexibility far beyond the traditional classroom.

Certified Training Alliance (CTA) was designed by a network of industry-leading partners as a hub for public safety personnel to access numerous training courses. Leading experts have vetted each certified course to ensure maximized education and retention for adult learners.

CTA is an innovative way to train officers and provides valuable benefits to departments. It offers courses such as V-VICTA® Autism Awareness, Force Science Realistic De-Escalation, Tony Blauer: Immediate Threats, and more!



After courses are purchased, individuals have access to them for a full year. With this access, learners can work through content at their own pace and in their own time. They have the freedom to do their coursework whenever and wherever is most convenient. This frees up time for both trainers and students.



CTA includes IADLEST NCP-certified courses in order to ensure that learners receive reliable and effective training that they can bring with them into the field. As students work through and complete the CTA courses, they can earn certifications that signify that they successful course completion.

Students can immediately put newly developed skills to the test on the street or inside the VirTra simulator. VirTra’s high-quality, immersive training scenarios were designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the CTA courses for a fully immersive experience.



CTA online courses are designed for adult learners to maximize retention and engage the learner. The courses are interactive and keep officers engaged. The CTA platform stays up-to-date with the critical topics keeping officers well-trained in essential and relevant areas.

Officers can work through lessons more effectively and retain the information more successfully. This builds and transitions newly learned skills into the field with confidence.



Certified Training Alliance has several purchase options to choose from for online learning. Join for free and see what we have to offer!


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