Last week, Action Target hosted the Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC) in Provo, Utah and VirTra was honored to be a part of it. The training camp takes place annually and invites law enforcement personnel from across the globe to participate in training conducted by Law Enforcement instructors across a variety of disciplines.

Some of the topics included:

  • Advanced Firearms Instructor Techniques
  • Movement Under Fire
  • Vehicle Threat Interdiction
  • Low Light Rifle and Pistol

For our part, VirTra brought the V-ST PRO® simulator and had it set up in a classroom at Action Target headquarters. Our course was titled Red Dot Transition and Sustainment Training. During the first day, students would work on fundamentals such as high purchase/flat presentation as well as timed evolutions from the holster. Students were exposed to red dot malfunctions and shot drills to help them make combat effective hits if their optic goes down. Strong hand/support hand skills were established, and shooters practiced drills that forced them to shoot with both eyes open.

After the classroom portion of the training, it was off to the range to conduct some of the same drills with live fire. Officers noticed the benefit of having practiced the drills in the simulator first. Several attendees stated that they felt much more confident in their abilities using a red dot after the course was completed. VirTra creates drop-in recoil kits and CO2 magazines to ensure the user’s weapons have realistic recoil in the simulation. By using our “Boresight” feature, shooters can “dial-in” the simulator weapons to suit their stature to ensure accuracy and continuity in training between the simulator and live fire.

The event was a great success and was very well received by the students who participated.

As always, Stay Safe!

VirTra is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC) sponsored by Action target for the second year in a row. The camp is held annually in Provo, Utah and provides Law Enforcement personnel with an opportunity to train with professional firearms instructors from across the country. This year, it is taking place Aug 21-25.

Topics covered include Advanced Firearms Instructor Techniques for High Performance Shooting, Progressive Carbine, Movement Under Fire, Reactive Shooting, Vehicle Based Dynamics and VirTra’s Red Dot Transition and Sustainment program.

VirTra’s Red Dot Optics Training Program

The VirTra Red Dot Transition and Sustainment program was written in conjunction with Matt Jacques from Victory First and in collaboration with Aimpoint. It is designed to take officers with little to no experience with the pistol mounted red dot optic and equip them with the necessary skills to successfully transition from traditional Iron sights to a pistol mounted red dot optic. The course can be conducted live fire or in a VirTra simulator. Additionally, the course provides sustainment material to help officers to continue building the skill set necessary for proper presentation of the pistol.

The sustainment package was designed to give officers specific drills that can be conducted in the simulator pre or post daily briefings or as a supplement to range qualification days. It takes an in-depth look at some the more popular red dot optics on the market today, but is not intended as an all-encompassing recommendation as to what optics to choose or avoid. Please refer to your agency’s Authorized Equipment List for guidance on choosing a red dot optic for use on your service pistol.

The course is certified by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) and meets POST requirements in 36 States. It contains a pre-test, lecture, post-test, and simulated range drills that exemplify VirTra’s Teach, Train, Test, Sustain philosophy.


Learn about this event and register here:

One thing can always be counted on: there is nothing constant but change. One change that has come to many law enforcement agencies is the switch between iron sights and red dot sight (RDS) optics for pistols. There can be a learning curve like there is with acquiring any new skill – but VirTra provides solutions to help overcome the nuances.

If you have a VirTra simulator, you can access the “Red Dot Optics Training and Sustainment” course. This NCP-certified curriculum has 21 accompanying training drills. It was created in conjunction with Victory First® utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics. The goal is to allow officers to learn skills in the simulator, then practice on the range with minimal transfer time.

One of the ways officers have gotten to practice both in a VirTra simulator and on the range is through the recent Action Target Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC). VirTra’s Subject Matter Expert Mike Clark taught the Red Dot course to several members of law enforcement. Those who completed the course received a certificate as well as new knowledge to bring back to their agencies.


The Effects of a Smooth Transition

An agency that is about to switch out their iron sights for RDS is Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Sgt. Micah Evans took Mike Clark’s Red Dot course in preparation for the change. Sgt. Evans and his colleagues currently utilize the simulator at Utah Attorney General’s Office.

“The simulator drills help get the officers dialed into using the optic,” said Sgt. Evans, referring to how training in the simulator helped his performance on the range. “The transition to live fire using the same drills really helped get the officers familiar with the optic.” While no training can imitate real-life ballistics with 100% accuracy, VirTra gets close with accuracy up to 2,500 meters within .02 milliradians.


Hands-On vs. Classroom Training

It is common to hear people say they are visual learners. Many say that they learn better by doing rather than listening to a lecture. Practicing the motor skills is far more engaging than reading about it in a textbook or listening to a presentation. It also helps acquire the skills as well as learning the difference between RDS and iron sights.

The Red Dot Optics course at LETC allowed attendees the experience of having an indoor classroom with pre-tests, indoor simulator sessions, then going to the live fire range to apply the knowledge learned.

When asked if the style of training completed in the LETC Red Dot Optics course was something he would continue to practice, Sgt. Evans stated that it is a style he attempts to do with officers whenever they train. “I am a strong believer in situational based training over flat range and class room,” said Sgt. Evans. “Using the combination that this program offers is exactly the type combined training I strive to provide to my officers.”


Action Target LETC Red Dot Range Training


Certified Coursework

As mentioned above, the course is NCP-certified – but what does that mean for you? VirTra ensures its V-VICTA® courses (such as Red Dot Optics Training and Sustainment) are certified by IADLEST to ensure quality of content. NCP certification is recognized by POST in 36 states, allowing officers who complete the courses to receive continuing education credit.

This type of coursework allows learning to be done beyond just listening to an instructor verbally explain a topic. Students practice and are tested using the VirTra simulator while learning topics based on case law and real after-action reports. Courses being pre-certified saves time for instructors. Normally approvals would be needed, coursework would need reviewing…and it would have to be written! Just one hour of curriculum saves an instructor 65 hours of research, preparation, writing, reviewing, and approving.

Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment is much more than just a lecture or repetitive range drill. It contains 21 drills to test the student on what they have learned – plus accurate debrief sessions that follow. It only takes a second to pull in the target so you can see the point of aim over point of impact and repeat!


VirTra highly recommends situational-based training as it prepares trainees and officers for the real world better than any lecture could. If your agency is switching to red dot optics and interested in practicing the skills in a simulator, contact a product specialist.