Train the Driver

Hone Your Driving Skills

VirTra uses a unique approach to driving training. The V-DTS™—VirTra Driver Training Simulator—provides agencies with a superior immersive driving environment that focuses on cognitive learning instead of simply teaching one how to operate a vehicle. This powerful simulator helps teach and sustain trainees and seasoned officers alike in defensive emergency driving tactics utilized in the field.

The large screens and modern physics-based rendering captures a trainee’s attention, but the training value behind the simulation stems from the meticulous quality put into crafting the locations and scenarios. Created from the combined knowledge of internal experts and nationally-recognized industry partners, trainees are given a unique training experience that hones and maintains their driving skills.

Instructors can choose from specific, pre-authored training objectives—including all basic emergency driving skills such as the evasive maneuver and emergency braking—defensive driving techniques or free drive. Whether your agency requires a complete training experience or needs to brush up on the basics, the V-DTS is a perfect, versatile option.





Hardware is Just Hardware

The V-DTS is an immersive tactics-teaching, cognitive learning simulator. The powerful, multi-screen technology and realistic motion base platform ensures that time spent in the driving simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

  • Ability to design driving courses and scenarios
  • Customizable conditions and localization options
  • Different languages, dialect and localization available
  • Extensive realistic environments
  • Newly released V-VICTA curriculum
  • Self-Diagnostics for a user-friendly experience
  • Structured scenario debriefing
  • Multi-sensory experience which elicits physiological responses
  • Professionally-produced track courses



FBI Testimonial


Uniform Crime Reporting Program

[Summary] Over the past decade, 1,068 officers were killed in the line of duty. Of this number, 330 officers were killed by handguns, whereas 577 died from accidents. Officers were driving in 70% of those crashes.