Train the Driver

Hone Your Driving Skills

VirTra uses a unique approach to law enforcement driving training simulators. The V-DTS™—VirTra Driver Training Simulator—provides agencies with a superior immersive driving environment that focuses on cognitive learning and load. This powerful simulator helps teach and sustain trainees and seasoned police officers alike in defensive, emergency, pursuit and driving tactics utilized in the field.

The V-DTS lets users experience stunning graphics along with realistic simulation physics and vehicle movement from a durable mechanical motion rig. The simulator utilizes Unity, a game engine is the most widely used real-time 3D development platform for AR/VR content. VirTra’s talented team of software developers, artists and SME’s have created a detailed, immersive and realistic driving experience that ensures the best training experience possible.

Whether your agency requires a complete training experience or needs to brush up on the basics, the V-DTS is a perfect, versatile option.



Training in Action

Showcased are images of actual VirTra training scenarios and environments. Watch trainees engage in a wide variety of situations:

  • The V-DTS in Action

  • Physical Realism

    Physical realism is created through vibration and motion, while the modern physics-based rendering engine provides visual realism through traffic density, natural hazards and roadside obstacles.
  • Instructor Abilities

    Instructors have the ability to change the traffic density, weather and time of day before or while a trainee is engaged in the simulation.
  • Recognition Stimuli Feature

    The proprietary Recognition Stimuli feature is an optional mode that, when selected, causes street signs and license plates to enhance when a trainee reaches a certain distance to increase their cognitive skills.
  • Training Objectives

    Instructors can choose from specific, pre-authored training objectives—including all basic emergency driving skills such as the evasive maneuver and emergency braking—defensive driving techniques or free drive.


Hardware is Just Hardware

The V-DTS is an immersive tactics-teaching, cognitive learning simulator. The powerful, multi-screen technology and realistic motion base platform ensures that time spent in the driving simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

  • 4th Rear screen option for added immersion
  • 24 Hours of EVO V-VICTA curriculum
  • Ability to design driving courses and scenarios in Authoring
  • Assortment of virtual vehicle models with matching dynamics
  • Customizable weather conditions and environmental options
  • Different languages, dialect and localization available
  • Emergency console and lighting cause traffic to obey accordingly when implemented
  • Haptic vibration or full-motion option; vibration when ABS is engaged
  • Left or right-hand drive options
  • Manual and Automatic transmission
  • Multi-sensory experience that elicits physiological responses
  • Professionally-produced track courses
  • Proprietary “Recognition Stimuli” enhancement feature
  • Self-Diagnostics for a user-friendly experience
  • Speed selection between miles or kilometers
  • Structured scenario debriefing and TMaR playback option
  • Variety of pre-authored scenarios and training exercises
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[Summary] Over the past decade, 1,068 officers were killed in the line of duty. Of this number, 330 officers were killed by handguns, whereas 577 died from accidents.