Train the Driver

Law Enforcement Driving Skills

VirTra uses a unique cognitive approach to law enforcement driving training simulators. The V-DTS™—VirTra Driver Training Simulator—provides law enforcement agencies with a superior immersive driving environment that focuses on cognitive learning, decision-making skills and situational awareness. This powerful training simulator helps teach and sustain trainees and seasoned police officers alike in defensive, emergency, pursuit and driving tactics in a risk-free environment.

The V-DTS lets users experience stunning graphics along with realistic virtual simulation physics and vehicle movement from a durable mechanical motion rig. The simulator utilizes Unity, a high quality real-time 3D development platform for AR/VR content. VirTra’s talented team of software developers, artists and SME’s have created a detailed, immersive and realistic driving experience that ensures the best training experience possible.

Whether your law enforcement agency requires a complete training experience or needs to brush up on the basics, the V-DTS is a perfect, versatile option.


Police Training in Action

Showcased are images of actual VirTra police driver training scenarios and environments. Watch trainees engage in a wide variety of situations:

  • The V-DTS in Action

  • Instructor Abilities

  • Physics and Physical Realism

    Physics-based rendering is utilized to accurately replicate how vehicles handle in the real world in various weather conditions.
  • Recognition Stimuli Feature

    The proprietary Recognition Stimuli feature causes street signs and license plates to enhance to increase a trainee's cognitive skills.
  • Vehicles, Pedestrians and Initiated Malfunctions


Hardware is Just Hardware

The V-DTS is an immersive tactics-teaching, cognitive learning police driving simulator. The powerful, multi-screen technology and realistic motion base platform ensures that time spent in the driving simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

  • 4th Rear screen option for added immersion
  • 24 Hours of EVO V-VICTA curriculum
  • Ability to design driving courses and scenarios in Authoring
  • Assortment of virtual vehicle models with matching dynamics
  • Customizable weather conditions and environmental options
  • Different languages, dialect and localization available
  • Emergency console and lighting cause traffic to obey accordingly when implemented
  • Haptic vibration or full-motion option; vibration when ABS is engaged
  • Left or right-hand drive options
  • Manual and Automatic transmission
  • Multi-sensory experience that elicits physiological responses
  • Professionally-produced track courses
  • Proprietary “Recognition Stimuli” enhancement feature
  • Self-Diagnostics for a user-friendly experience
  • Speed selection between miles or kilometers
  • Structured scenario debriefing and TMaR playback option
  • Variety of pre-authored scenarios and training exercises
University of Georgia Testimonial

University of Georgia


[Summary] A recent University of Georgia study indicated that the cost-benefit analysis associated with the use of a driving simulator is 12:1, meaning the simulator saves substantial money with crash and injury reductions.