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Certified Training Alliance (CTA) is a premium web-based learning platform for law enforcement and public safety professionals to access numerous training courses such as the first responder certification and law enforcement online training. Vital topics such as Mental Illness, De-Escalation, and Immediate Threats allow users to stay up-to-date on skills. This array of course offerings starts from Essential courses at $99 to Premium courses at $169.

With topics by VirTra, Force Science, and ILET, courses are designed to engage adult learners and foster skill growth. While some online-based training platforms such as first responder certification courses with “talking heads” and unengaging delivery, CTA provides essential topics that will hook the participant. These courses are designed using the science behind adult learning and are sure to create engagement with the use of imagery and storytelling.


Online Learning: Elevated

There is much more to CTA than taking online courses using the first responder certification training and receiving a score. Here are more reasons why CTA stands out compared to other learning management systems:

• Various purchasing options from single-course to subscription bundles

• If your agency has a VirTra simulator, these courses are the perfect segue into a scenario for hands-on practice

• Compatible with computers and smartphones

• A certificate is generated after successful completion of a course, tailored with the student’s name and number of hours completed

• A majority of courses available on CTA are NCP-certified

• CTA can create and organize personal reports to track courses and schedules

  • Online learning has become mainstream. Courses can be taken at the users' own pace and allows for flexibility. With CTA, there are a multitude of interactive courses that keep students engaged with robust content.

Available Courses

Relevant Topics, Engaging Presentations

Many CTA courses have been NCP-certified by IADLEST and have gone through the rigors of their review process. This ensures that they meet industry standards and are even accepted by POST in 36 U.S. states.

The benefit of first responder certification and first responder online training is that they provide flexibility for busy schedules. One login can give a user access to professionally-designed courses – either in office on the computer, or on-the-go from their phone.

Below are just some of the courses available, and even more will be added in the future:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Contact and Cover
  • Force Science: Realistic De-Escalation
  • High Risk Vehicle Stop
  • Human Factors in Force Encounters
  • Injured Officer Handgun Manipulation
  • Mental Illness: Anxiety
  • Mental Illness: Crisis Intervention
  • Mental Illness: Depression
  • Mental Illness: Neurocognitive Disorders
  • Mental Illness: Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders
  • Mental Illness: Substance Use
  • Mental Illness: Suicide
  • Mental Illness: Trauma & PTSD
  • Mental Illness: Traumatic Brain Injury
  • TASER Targeting
  • Tourniquet Application Under Threat
  • Tony Blauer: Immediate Threats
  • Tony Blauer: Imminent Threats
  • Tony Blauer: Pre-Conflict vs. Pre-Fight
  • Weapon Transitions

Get Started

Interested in making CTA part of your training regimen? Whether you currently own a VirTra system, plan to, or are unable to purchase one, you can still sign up for access to premium courses.

Click the button below to sign up, or contact a specialist about incorporating CTA online training into your department.

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