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Units with a V-ST PRO receive a superior, real-world training experience in a single-screen simulation. Instructors are provided with a vast library of interactive scenarios, complete with extensive branching options, that teach the entire force continuum. Servicemembers can utilize a drop-in recoil kit to convert their firearms into a simulation-ready weapon. The V-ST PRO’s compact nature makes it easy to train on-the-go or in any standard classroom or facility.

The V-ST PRO qualifies for VirTra’s STEP program.


Upon stepping into the V-180, servicemembers are immersed in realistic scenarios and powerful courses. The simulation’s three screens allow new military recruits to gain necessary skills for life in the field from a safe, controlled environment where mistakes do not have permanent consequences. Instructors have access to a library of interactive scenarios, each with dozens of branching options, that teach everything from de-escalation to use of force. Through the addition of a drop-in laser recoil kit, servicemembers can use their weapons for skill transfer. With a small footprint, the V-180 can share space in a standard classroom or facility.

The V-180 qualifies for VirTra’s STEP program and can be easily and affordably upgraded to a V-300 at a later time.


From firearms training to the most challenging use of force scenarios, the V-300 is the best tool for military units. Its five screens and 300-degree immersive training environment ensures time spent in the simulator translates into real-world survival skills. Servicemembers can use their weapons with the addition of a drop-in recoil kit to increase the realism while mitigating training scars. Instructors will find the V-300 equipped with a library of interactive, professionally-produced scenarios.

The V-300 qualifies for VirTra’s STEP program.