Feb. 18, 2020

Train Soldiers to Make Better Decisions

Sound decision-making is essential in the field. The wrong move can result in injury to yourself, your unit or civilians. Training can be difficult, as it is nearly impossible to adequately prepare for every situation that could occur. However, it is possible to come close. VirTra’s training simulators are designed to help military units improve their decision-making skills in high-stress situations.

Take Advantage of a Variety of Training Scenarios

VirTra works to provide customers with the widest variety of training scenarios available. The V-ST PRO® is one of the more simple options, as the single-screen training simulator is equipped with powerful, interactive scenarios and verified ballistic calculation out to 2,000M. However, if your unit requires something more immersive, the V-300® is the best option. Its’ 300-degree environment allows for the highest level of military engagement skills training. As with any of our training simulators, instructors can customize scenarios and train units to specific situations often occurring in combat zones. These simulators are pre-installed with a variety of scenarios that translate into maximum preparedness for common and not-so-common situations.

Training Simulations for Rain or Shine

In regards to staging effective training simulations, weather is a crucial factor. Rain, snow and wind can have a significant impact on the situation, dramatically reducing visibility. VirTra’s Marksmanship courses mimic the effects of weather in the visuals shown on-screen and the impact they cause in bullet trajectory, helping trainees learn and prepare.

Account for Enemy Actions During De-Escalation Training

What better way to practice sound decision-making than in situations where trainees must communicate with and respond to enemy forces? Through extensive branching options, units can adapt to the enemy’s actions and respond accordingly, prompting a new branch of actions and dialogue. This type of training is impossible with traditional lectures or video lessons. When military personnel are able to train with the enemy action in mind, they can better prepare for the same circumstances in the field.

Finish Training with an After-Action-Review

After the training simulation ends, participants have additional opportunities to learn through debrief. Instructors can show debrief via video play-back through TMaR—Trainee Monitoring and Recording—or by displaying the branching options and shots made during the simulation. This allows participants to analyze the consequences of their actions, location of shots fired and more. These tools and abilities help your unit to understand how their decisions effect any given situation.

Use Information to Make a Sound Decision

VirTra offers Military a full library of training content, which includes coursework, Marksmanship and a skills training library. Each immersive module helps military personnel to understand and evaluate each side of the situation before making a decision. The end result is a force that comprehends the importance of quick decision-making without sacrificing quality.

Always Improve with VirTra

Perhaps the most significant way VirTra training simulators promote good decision-making is by presenting participants the opportunity to make mistakes and improve their decisions. Mistakes are a reality of life, so VirTra created an environment where units can safely commit errors, understand the consequences and avoid the same mistakes in the future. Those who participate in VirTra judgmental use of force training are inclined to improve their decision-making skills in stressful situations. Contact our headquarters, or click here, to learn more.

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